Homemaking & Living on a Budget in South Africa

Road Trip Food On a Budget

Beautiful South Africa

  Last week we travelled to Botswana by car. It was a 4-hour road trip from Johannesburg with about another half an hour going through the border posts. We travelled during the day so that we would avoid rush-hour traffic leaving the city and so that we could enjoy the countryside. Driving through North-West province […]

Shop at Charity Stores in Johannesbur...


    I’ve been meaning to do a bit of clothes shopping at a couple of charity stores for several weeks now but every weekend seems to have been taken up by this, that or the next round of chores. Finally this weekend, we got round to it. It was such a lovely day to […]

Air Drying Laundry Benefits Your Budg...


  We have such lovely weather in South Africa most of the year, with lots of sunshine on most days. It really makes the most sense to air dry our clothes on a line outside. I always air dry our laundry and avoid the tumble dryer unless it’s an absolute ‘emergency’. And by ‘emergency’ I […]

How We Save on Monthly Phone Bills


  For most of us, cell phone and landline costs can be quite a pricey little item on our budget sheet each month. Every now and then I come across a blog post suggesting that we ditch either the landline or the cell phone, or in some cases even both, in order to cut costs. […]

Quince Konfyt (Preserve)


  I don’t normally buy quince. This week, however, I received a few as a gift. I was delighted! And it didn’t take me very long to decide what to do with them: make quince konfyt (preserve). As the days get colder and colder, I seem to yearn for comfort foods and the lovely aroma […]

Minimum & Extra Payments on Your...

Credit Card

  If you’ve read my posts Becoming Credit Card Free: Our Journey Part 1 and Part 2, you’ll know that we are on our way to becoming completely credit card free in just a few more months, if all goes according to plan. I cannot wait! And on that note, I wanted to share with […]

Becoming Credit Card Free: Our Journe...

Becoming Credit-Card Free Our Journey

  Our very first credit card was paid off in full and the account closed in November 2014 (you can read more about our journey here). This was a small victory for us but a victory nonetheless! We just couldn’t be happier. We celebrated the day we closed that account and immediately started talking about […]

When Murphy comes knocking on your do...


  Just as I was starting to think things were looking good for us this month, and we were on track financially, well, guess who decided to come pay us a visit? Murphy, of course. That one unwelcome visitor none of us want to see standing at the door! Not at any time of the […]

Marmalade: it’s cheaper to make it at...

Oranges and Lemons

  Our beautiful lemon tree has produced fruit for the first time since we planted it four years ago. It was growing so slowly for the first three years and we thought we were never going to see any lemons on it. We were wrong. We had beautiful white flowers bloom last spring and sometime […]

Stay Motivated while Paying off Credi...


  If you are on a journey to becoming debt free, and you’re finding it difficult to stay motivated during the long months ahead as you watch the balance go down very slowly in spite of all those extra payments you’ve been making each month, you are not alone. Staying motivated was probably the most […]

Welcome to Frugal in SA

Living life more frugally and more economically in South Africa is what Frugal in SA is all about. I love to cook and bake on a budget and I’m always looking for ways to save on household expenses each month. My faith encourages me to live a life free from debt, to be less wasteful and ever more resourceful. I hope you will find inspiration in these pages. Happy Frugal Living!


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