Homemaking & Living on a Budget in South Africa

Birthday Party Snacks & Platters...

Birthday Party Snacks & Platters for Under R250

    As it was my birthday last week, I decided to bring in a few platters to share with my colleagues at lunchtime during the week. I’d included this expense in this month’s budget and I allocated R250.00 in total, for both food and drinks, to serve 15-18 people. The only way I could […]

Mylky’s Debt-Free Story

Mylky's Debt-Free Story

    Today’s Debt Free SA Story, and the very in this feature, is from Mylky who blogs over at Glassofmylk.   Mylky is a South African doctor who has paid off her entire medical student loan, and more, in less than a year after graduating! Mylky is now completely debt-free! Here is her inspirational […]

Debt-Free SA Stories: Do You Have a S...

Debt-Free SA Stories

  During our debt-free journey, we used to spend hours and hours reading other people’s success stories. These stories inspired us and helped to keep us going and motivated throughout our journey! However, as fascinating and motivating as all these stories were, none of them featured South Africans who have conquered their consumer, or other, […]

Are you a fan of Stockpiling?

Are you a fan of stockpiling

  I’m a huge fan of stockpiling non-perishable items in moderation. We don’t have a lot of space to store food or other items so my stockpile can never get too big, which is a good thing! I do have enough space for stockpiling certain items which we use on a regular basis and whenever […]

Millie Meal & Polenta Bread

Millie Meal and Polenta Bread

    This recipe is part of Take the Pantry and Freezer Challenge series on this blog, and I made this in Week 3 of the challenge.   This is a recipe I often make. It is fairly inexpensive if made plain but with additional variations (see below) it can cost you a bit more. […]

Semolina Cake

Semolina Cake

    This recipe is part of Take the Pantry and Freezer Challenge series on this blog, and I made this in Week 3 of the challenge.   There are many reasons why I love Semolina Cake:   A slice of this simple, yet moist and fluffy Semolina Cake is very refreshing on a hot […]

Beef Stew

Beef stew

    This recipe is part of Take the Pantry and Freezer Challenge series on this blog, and I made this in Week 3 of the challenge.   As with most recipes I’ve featured during the Pantry and Freezer Challenge, I often use this Beef stew recipe. I do have several types of recipes that […]

The Pantry and Freezer Challenge Week...

Pantry and Freezer Challenge week 3

    Welcome to the Pantry and Freezer Challenge Week 3 update! Last week was an easy week in our kitchen. In fact, it was a bit of a lazy week as I made only one large batch of one of our favourite meals and a few smaller meal portions as I continued to use […]

Almost Completely Credit Card Debt-Fr...


    I haven’t done an update on our credit-card debt free journey in quite a while. It’s been nearly 3 years since we first started our journey to becoming credit-card debt free and we paid off our first credit card debt in November 2014. We are now almost completely debt-free on the second credit […]

10 Ways to Save Money Everyday

Save money

    If you are on your journey to becoming debt-free or you’re looking for simple ways to tighten up those leaks in your monthly budget, today I am sharing with you 10 tips which help us save money every day. They may be small things but at the end of the month, they do […]

Welcome to Frugal in SA

Living life more frugally and more economically in South Africa is what Frugal in SA is all about. I love to cook and bake on a budget and I’m always looking for ways to save on household expenses each month. My faith encourages me to live a life free from debt, to be less wasteful and ever more resourceful. I hope you will find inspiration in these pages. Happy Frugal Living!

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