I only occasionally shop at Westpack Lifestyle though I know most of us, who are fans, could probably spend a good couple of hours looking around! This month I needed to stock up on some of the items that I regularly buy, and use, so I thought I would share my top 3 household items which help me save a bit of money each month.


Pine Gel


I must admit it took me a while to get round to trying this product! I’d come across quite a few people who were using it, and just had the best to say about it, but I guess I was never a fan until I actually tried it for myself. Now I absolutely love this product and use it regularly. The best thing is you can use Pine Gel to clean tiles, baths, showers, sinks, basins, windows, and even carpets if they need a bit of refreshing, and because you need to buy fewer cleaning items for your home e.g. for bathrooms, carpets, tiles, etc. you do end up saving quite a bit. As I’m sure you know, cleaning products are generally expensive.


I usually buy the very large, 5 litre bucket of Pine Gel and share it with someone, which is the most economical option. Today I bought a 1-litre bucket of Pine Gel, as well as a 1-litre bucket of the Lavender Gel, which is the more expensive route to go, but I actually wanted to try the Lavender Gel, which I’d seen on the shelves for the first time, as well as stock up on a bit of the regular Pine gel. No matter what quantity of Pine Gel you buy, it goes a long way as you usually need to dilute only 1 tablespoon of pine gel in 4 litres of water. And I just love the Pine scent – it makes everything feel, look and smell so clean!


Blue Bin Liners


These must be my favourite bin liners ever. They also fit perfectly in our kitchen bin, unlike many others I’ve tried. Although the bags might seem thin, don’t be alarmed – they can actually hold a lot without tearing at all! In fact, I think they are as strong as the usual refuse bags that you can get at other stores, but they are cheaper! For a packet of 20 bin liners 600×600 mm you pay R12.90 and for a packet of 20 bin liners 590x750mm you pay R14.90. Now that’s much cheaper than any other packet of bin liners I’ve seen anywhere in the shops.


Freezer Bags


The size of these clear, plastic bags makes them suitable for freezing vegetables and meat as needed. The freezer bags are 200x300mm and there are 200 bags in the packet which now costs R27.90. While I wash and reuse the bread bags (when we do buy sliced bread, which is very rare as we make our own bread) as well as the fruit and vegetable bags, it’s always good to have these extra freezer bags on hand. Plus, they are the cheapest.


The packet goes a long way too, probably because the bags are just the right size for our freezer needs, so we tend to only buy one packet every 6-8 months or so, and the price hasn’t really gone up that much in the two years since I’ve been using these bags.


Apart from these top 3 items that I regularly use, I also sometimes find other good specials at Westpack Lifestyle, for example on boxed tissues (for less than R15.00) or Shield car fresheners (at R12.90) or Dettol disinfectant wipes (4 large packets for R50.00).


Do you have any favourite money saver items that you regularly buy at Westpack Lifestyle?


Disclaimer: Financial compensation was not received for this post. Opinions expressed here are my own.


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