I recently heard that a salvage shop has opened in Alberton, and of course I had to go have a look!


I know that just the name itself – salvage shop – could be off-putting to some. I know it instantly makes me think of salvage yards or motor salvage places. So what exactly is a salvage shop? What do they sell?


Traditionally, salvage shops sell grocery or household items that have been salvaged from truck wrecks, items in dented or torn packaging, items from manufacturer overstock or merchandise liquidation and generally items that stores can’t sell for some reason, such as items nearing their expiry dates, although the items wouldn’t necessarily be expired at all.


Typically, salvage shops should be selling such items at half the price, at least. So, needless to say that I was more than curious to go have a look at what’s available at the newly opened salvage shop ‘Deal Direct’ in Alberton. It’s worth mentioning that salvage items for sale may change weekly, fortnightly or monthly, depending on what is available.


‘Deal Direct’ in Alberton is not a very large store, but it certainly had a variety of items for sale – household cleaning items, laundry detergents, shampoos, conditioners, deodorants, sweets, snacks and cool drinks, toys, nappies, baby wipes, etc. If you are driving to the shop, be prepared to park on the side of the road though. The shop is located in Voortrekker Road, in Alberton.


So, did I find any bargains? A few. I found refill cans of automatic freshener for only R20.00 and these normally retail for about R49.00 in the shops. This was my best buy. While I do like to have an automatic freshener in our living room, I do find that replenishing a can each month (that’s how long it usually lasts) to be a bit pricey, and for that reason I don’t always buy unless I find the refill cans on special.


I also found a combo of mini (travel) shampoo and conditioner kits (100 ml each) for only R8.00. It’s always handy to have these. I then bought, also a combo deal, 2 x mini Vaseline lotions (100 ml each) for R15.00 which I will use as my hand creams to go in my handbag. Hand lotions, or mini lotions, can cost anywhere from R25.00 upwards for just the one tube or mini bottle in other shops, so I thought this was a good buy as well.


Deal Direct goodies


I found a 6- pack of Good Morning Biscuits, which I really like, for R18.00 and these retail for well over R20.00 in the shops so I was chuffed about that. An interesting buy, and good value too, was this 750 gr. jar of black olives for only R18.00 and a jar of pickles for R15.00. None of these are expired. I then found 250 ml. cans of Fitch & Leedes lemonade for R2.50 – while the cans were dented a bit, the drink was perfectly fine.


Deal Direct goodies


I bought one other item which was the Ajax window cleaner, 750 ml spray bottle, for R25.00. While a bottle of Windolene retails for well over R40.00 in the shops these days, I tend to buy the Glass Master refill packs of 750 ml + extra 200 ml for R24.99 so the Ajax worked out a bit more expensive than what I would normally pay but, the bottle is much, much sturdier than the Windolene bottle which I’m using and refilling at the moment and I’m hoping will last longer, so I bought it.


Otherwise, there were lots of sweets, chocolates, biscuits and cool drinks for sale in the shop and some were quite reasonably priced too. I saw quite a few people buying cool drinks and beer, both reasonably priced. Some other items I noticed, such as StaSoft fabric conditioner, Pantene shampoos, Sunlight detergent, etc. cost almost the same as what they normally retail at Pick ‘n’ Pay or Dis-Chem. A 500 ml bottle of Handy Andy Hygiene, for example, cost R16.00 and the same item is available at Makro for R17.00 so that didn’t seem like much of a saving.


As with any discount shop, you do have to go in knowing your prices so that you can gauge if an item is cheaper than what you would pay for it elsewhere. But all in all, I’m happy with my bargains though, especially the automatic freshener refill cans, and I will definitely be back for another visit soon. Who knows, there might be even better bargains in store then!


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