I have been meaning for us to take a drive to Walkerville Farmer’s Market for such a long time now, and today we finally got to go! It was, surprisingly, a shorter drive than I expected, and a very pleasant one. Today was, in fact, just the perfect day for us to be out and about, with temperatures well into the 20s.


The Walkerville Farmer’s Market was fairly small, with probably about 20 or so stalls today, but it was quite busy nonetheless. There were lots of visitors mingling about, shopping, chatting and having a meal, and plenty of kids enjoying themselves by the trampoline – a centrepiece to the market.


Walkerville Farmer's Market


So what did we do, what did we discover and what did we buy?


Being a farmer’s market, there are several craft stands as well as farmer stands with organic vegetables, herbs, seeds, seedlings and plants for sale. Many of these, it seems, can be pre-ordered which they were, but you can also buy whatever is available on the day.


There were also a number of food stands, which we were mostly interested in. We bought fresh farm butter at R60.00 for 1kg, which was an absolute bargain at that price! As you know, a 500 gr. block of butter in the shops these days can cost you up to R90.00. Milk and organic eggs were also available as well as a wide selection of cheeses and deli meats.


We then bought a jar of organic raw honey, sunflower honey, which was also cheaper than in the shops at R55.00 for a jar. The jars of honey (there was a choice of sunflower and blue gum) were sold out in probably an hour, or even less – that’s how popular they were!


Sourdough bread, butter and honey


We also bought a loaf of sourdough bread – 1.5 kg loaf for R35.00. There were quite a few artisan varieties of bread available – ciabatta, plain or with olives, rye bread, brown bread (which also looked particularly inviting!), rolls, cheese sticks, etc.


Having walked around for a bit, said hello to the 2 donkeys that were in their farm pen (they were very friendly and enjoyed their pat on the head!), we decided it was time for a light lunch. We had a choice of coffee and muffins, for example, by the coffee shop stand, burgers and pancakes, Chinese food and a choice of curry meals.


Pan-fried beef & veggie dumplings


Eventually, we decided on Chinese food, and I must say that we thoroughly enjoyed our light meal! We tried a selection of their spring rolls, which were all delicious, and my husband and I shared a portion of pan-fried beef & veggie dumplings (R40.00 for 5) which were absolutely gorgeous. Hubby said he probably could have eaten a whole portion by himself, and truth be told, I probably could have done the same!


It was mid-day by the time we drove back, and it was such a lovely drive, with hardly any traffic along the way. We really enjoyed our visit, and our culinary adventures today. Our light, early evening meal was – you guessed it – a slice of sourdough bread with creamy, farm fresh butter and scrumptious organic honey.


Buttered bread with honey

If you’d like to visit Walkerville Farmer’s Market, it is situated at 112 Main Road (R82), Walkerville, De Deur, Gauteng. It is open every Saturday from 9am to 3pm. Have a look at their website or like their Facebook page for announcements of upcoming market events.


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