Having a professional manicure can be very pricey these days. You would probably pay anything from R150.00 upwards for a manicure, and at least R300.00 and more for a set of Gel or Acrylic nails. While I enjoy having my nails done, it’s definitely not something I do that often at all. It is a bit of a luxury.


But, if you’re looking for a bit of a treat or you would like to have your nails professionally manicured for a special occasion, have you thought of having your nails done by a nail technician in training? That’s what I did this month, and it was such a lovely birthday treat! Here is how it all came about.


A few months ago I joined a Facebook group specific to my area. It is through this group that I’ve come to know about so many up-and-coming and established businesses in our area that I probably wouldn’t have otherwise, and I’ve also seen some interesting posts about second hand items for sale and swap. One of the posts I came across was by someone in our area who is training as a nail technician. She advertised a full set of Gel or Acrylic nails for R100.00.


So I decided I would give myself a little treat. As it turns out, nail technicians in training need clients to practice all the different types of manicures but they cannot charge full price while they are still studying. This arrangement benefits the learners as they get to practice their skills, and expand their potential client base, and it also benefits you, the client, if you are looking for a professional manicure on a budget.


My Gel French manicure was beautifully, and professionally, done, as you can see in the photo. The nail technician took great care of my nails for well over two hours! I was very impressed and certainly pleased that I could afford to have professionally manicured nails on a budget. I also didn’t have to travel very far at all, which was a bonus.


So the next time you’re thinking of treating yourself to a professional manicure on a budget, see if you can find a nail technician in training. Perhaps joining a Facebook group specific to your area could help you find someone suitable, like I have.


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