Ever since our last road trip to Botswana in May last year, I’ve been wishing for us to take another trip exploring this part of the world. We love to travel on a budget whenever we can, and there are so many places on this beautiful African continent that we have yet to experience!


So when I came across Travelstart’s Quiz Which African country do you secretly want to explore? I just had to take the quiz to find out if my true secret longing would be revealed, and it was! Namibia. Here is what the Travelstart Quiz had to say:


Namibia Fish River Canyon


“Though you may appear gentle, solitary and uncomplicated to many, there is a wildness and passion that burns inside of you.


You find beauty in ruggedness and harbour a deep curiosity about people and the world around you. Your soul hums along to the deep reverberations of the wild, and it is in the deep trenches of the Fish River Canyon and the ghostly silence of the Skeleton Coast that you will find yourself most alive and inspired.


Namibia offers you something most places cannot – a place for your curiosity and untamed thoughts to run free. And while you are a lover of people and good conversation, your fearless nature and craving for self-discovery often compels you to venture off alone. You are unapologetically raw and real and crave the freedom of a good gambol on the glowing dunes of Sossusvlei. Go explore Namibia!”


And how true that is indeed! I’ve been wishing for a trip to Namibia for quite some time now. I cannot imagine a place more magical, more serene than the red dunes of the Sossusvlei, created by sand estimated to be 5 million years old. Did you know that the dead camel thorn trees in the Deadvlei have been around for 900 years or so, yet still they stand, slow to decompose due to the dry climate of the Namib?


Namibia Sossusvlei


Kolmanskop the famous Ghost Town, would probably be our next stop. Within a relatively short lifespan of about 40 years, this small town grew, then flourished then died. And not far from there, the Garub water hole, which attracts the only feral herd of horses, of somewhat mysterious origin, to survive in a desert. Ever since I’d seen a documentary about the wild horses of the Namib desert, my fascination with this part of the African continent just grew, and I started reading up on all the wonderful sights and places Namibia has to offer: the Fish River Canyon, Etosha National Park, the Petrified Forest near Khorixas, Twyfelfontein… the list goes on!


Namibia dunes


Which African country do you secretly want to explore? Take the Travelstart quiz now to find out, and share with me in the comments below.


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