I am always on the lookout for the most value for my Rand. There have been times when I’ve bought cheaper bars of soap and been terribly disappointed: either the soaps didn’t lather nicely or they lathered too much, and simply diminished too quickly. As a general rule, If I go through any cheap item very quickly, and have to replenish it more often than a slightly more expensive item, then that isn’t much of a saving, to my mind. The trick is, always, to find good value for money.


When it comes to washing my hands, I must admit I’m not a fan of liquid soaps. Not only are they more expensive but my hands just don’t feel as clean as when I use a bar of soap, but that’s probably just me! I’m grateful for this habit though because that means that we do save money using bars of soap rather than liquid soaps.


Generally, glycerine soaps are really nice to have by the wash basin and they last much longer than most ordinary bars of soaps when it comes to washing your hands. Our absolute favourite is the Good Stuff Berry Nice Glycerine bar of soap which is often on special at Dis-Chem for about R14. This bar of soap can last up to 3 months, with regular, daily use by several people in the household. The scent lasts for a very long time too, which is a plus!


A close second, both in terms of scent and strength, is the Oh So Heavenly XXL Classic Care Lavender. While this bar of soap is more expensive, even when on special, it is a very large bar of soap, and it lasts for up to 4 whole months! It hardly cracks though, but remains firm, and the heavenly lavender scent certainly lasts for a very long time. We just love this bar of soap too!


Finally, our choice of the bar of soap that lasts the longest in the bath and shower has to be the 175gr. bars of Protex soap. We initially started using them as they go on special very often at a number of stores but we soon realised that they actually last the longest too! We’re never disappointed with any of the scents, and I think we’ve tried them all, as there is really such a variety to choose from. They are a bit more expensive nowadays (what isn’t?), but you can still find a 175gr. bar of Protex soap for about R10.00 or less, if it’s a really good special! We love the fact that they are anti-germ soaps too and they don’t ‘run’ or become mushy, especially when used in the bath or shower for as long as a month. As a result, they do last the longest (in our experience). If you haven’t yet tried the Protex bar of soap, go on, give it a go!


Does any other bar of soap last the longest, in your opinion? Please share with us in the comments below.


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