I have been trying to get my hands on a copy of Amy Dacyczyn’s The Tightwad Gazette: Promoting Thrift as a Viable Alternative Lifestyle for such a long time. Now that I finally have my own copy, I almost can’t believe that I do!

The reason that it’s taken me so long to get The Tightwad Gazette is because I have been searching for a cheaper, preferably second-hand copy and that’s been difficult to come by in SA! Buying it brand new was out of the question (at a cost of several hundred Rand plus shipping). Luckily, after months and months of searching, I finally came across a reasonably priced copy of the book for sale on Bid or Buy!

Although the book is second-hand, it is practically unused and in absolutely excellent condition. I paid R150.00 for the book, which was a lot cheaper than opting to buy it brand new. Even though that amount was a lot more than what I would normally pay for a book, I felt that this time, the expense would be well worth it.

So what is The Tightwad Gazette all about? It is a collection of newsletters, written and distributed between 1991 and 1996, by Amy Dacyczyn, the self-proclaimed ‘frugal zealot’, to over 100,000 subscribers. This book is a collection of all those newsletters containing hundreds and hundreds of money-saving, frugal ideas in over 900 pages! Not only does The Tightwad Gazette contain Amy Dacyczyn’s tips but also those of her readers. It’s an absolute treasure of tips! I guess R150.00 for the book was actually a bargain, well, at least to my mind it was. Besides, who doesn’t need to be saving a bit here and there, or more if we can help it these days?

The Tightwad Gazette

Dacyczyn writes quite a lot about the subject of grocery savings, even stockpiling a variety of items, not just groceries, when they are on sale, keeping an eye out on prices in general, how to prepare certain foods in bulk such as pasta sauce, pizza dough, etc. There are also many, many ideas on how to upcycle and reuse a whole lot of household items that we would normally just throw away without blinking an eyelid. Just to give you an idea – there is a short article on how to upcycle old shower curtains into baby bibs, now who would have thought of that? But really, there is so much more than just that! So many ingenious ideas and tips devoted to crafting, gardening, maintaining your home, and that is just the tip of the iceberg!

Honestly, I can’t wait to tuck in. So far unable to contain my excitement I’ve been frantically flipping through the pages, just to see what’s where, but I know that in the coming months I’m going to be reading this book from cover to cover, and hopefully learning many new and unusual ways to save money on household expenses wherever and however I can. I will definitely be sharing some of the money saving ideas and tips that I hope to be implementing over the coming months.

Frugality ~ “I know it works. I know, with the core of my being, I know that it works.”  ~ Amy Dacyczyn

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