If you’ve been thinking about getting a fibre internet connection for your home but don’t really know where or how to start comparing products and pricing, then here is the perfect online tool for you – FibreTiger.


The website FibreTiger showcases and compares all the available fibre packages from all the fibre network providers in South Africa and allows you to select the best priced package to suit your needs, and budget, based on speed and network.


FibreTiger is the brainchild of Jacques du Rand, a computer programmer and a self-proclaimed bargain hunter. FibreTiger was started in December 2016 after Jacques’ complex in Cape Town installed a fibre network, and he experienced first-hand how difficult and time consuming it was to compare all the available fibre packages in South Africa in terms of speed, pricing and shaping.


While Jacques was busy checking out all the fibre network providers’ websites and drawing up a spreadsheet comparing all the available packages, he realised that this information, available in one place, could help others as well. So FibreTiger was born, and comparing all the available fibre packages from all the fibre network providers in South Africa is now as easy as one, two, three.


The first step is to visit FibreTiger and click on Step 1. Coverage. This will open up WebAfrica Maps to verify that there is fibre network coverage in your area, and will show you which fibre network providers (ISPs) are available.


The second step is to click on Step 2. ISP selection and make your selection on the drop down menu of available fibre network providers in your area, as well as your desired price range and speed. This will list all the available options and help you find the best deal to suit your needs, and budget.


The third step is to browse through all the listed options, select View Package for more information on each available fibre network provider and package so that you can compare prices and offerings and choose the deal that’s right for you.


And if you don’t live in a fibre network activated area, FibreTiger also provides a link for you to check out RAIN LTE Wireless, a new ISP which provides wireless internet services.


Lately, we’ve been thinking about getting a fibre internet connection at home. Even though fibre prices in general seem a bit steep, it could work out to be cheaper per month since we wouldn’t have to pay for a landline rental traditionally associated with an ADSL internet connection. And as we all know, landline rentals cost us all a lot more per month than the actual ADSL subscription fees!


I must admit that the idea of paying less for our internet connection at home each month is appealing even though we haven’t started looking into pricing and packages yet, or even what’s currently available in our area. I’m quite pleased to have come across FibreTiger though, because we’re definitely going to be using FibreTiger to help us select the right fibre connection package and provider, when the time comes.


Disclaimer: Financial compensation was not received for this post. Opinions expressed here are my own.


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