Shortly after Frugal in SA was mentioned in the Sunday Times, I was contacted by a journalist for an interview via email for an article on Stockpiling. Was I excited again? Absolutely!


The article was first published in the DRUM magazine (12th October) and it is now published in YOU and Huisgenoot as well (17th October). It is still on the shelves this week so you won’t miss out! The article features a fellow stockpiler, Ncumisa Ndelu, who runs a Facebook group called 1 Family 1 Stockpile.


I was so pleased to have been given the opportunity to share some of my Dos and Don’ts of Stockpiling, which are included in the article. My blog was mentioned once again, which is super exciting for me, and if at least one person finds some of my tips to be useful, I couldn’t be happier.


Frugal in SA in YOU, Huisgenoot, DRUM Magazines


If you are new to my blog, you’ll find some tips and advice on stockpiling in my blog post Are you a fan of Stockpiling? I stockpile in moderation, and as much as my budget allows. If my budget allowed for me to stockpile even more I would, but it is what it is!


I generally stockpile only the items that we regularly use, which includes general groceries as well as toiletries and household cleaning supplies. I find that I do save money by doing this, and since starting my stockpile a while back I have managed to reduce our monthly grocery bill by at least R800-R1000.


I also usually only shop once a month, so unless there is a really awesome ‘special’ or deal I probably won’t be rushing out to buy it. It will just have to wait for when I can afford to include it in another month’s budget.


For some ideas on how to get your own stockpile started, or if you already have one going, head on over to my blog post Are you a fan of Stockpiling? for some ideas on what to stock up. Stocking up is best when you can find items at their rock bottom prices so I’ve updated my blog post Know Your Prices which helps me select which specials and deals to take advantage of each month.


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