‘Tis the season of apples! Or rather, it has been for a while! We are still having to buy apples from the greengrocer while our apple tree grows taller and taller each year but has yet to produce more than 2 or 3 apples annually!


Apples have been quite affordable over the past couple of months though and I have been able to buy 3 x 1kg bags (different varieties too – Starking, Granny Smith, etc.) for either R20.00 or R25.00, depending on the special running at the Apple Tree Food Market in Alberton. We’ve enjoyed our fair share of fresh apples and I’ve also baked lots of apple pies, and made quite a bit of apple butter this winter (my husband absolutely loves this!) but with all that baking, comes lots and lots of peeling of lots and lots of apples!


It seemed like such a waste to just chuck the apple peels into our compost bin so instead, I’ve been baking, and drying, lots and lots of sugar & cinnamon apple peels. Yum! We’ve been snacking on the baked apple peels both at work and at home. They are only lightly sugared, with a bit of cinnamon to taste, so I haven’t been feeling that guilty about snacking on those! In fact, I just love the sweet crunchiness of these baked apple peels.


Apple peels are very healthy though, which is all the more reason not to throw them away. Most of the nutrients we get from apples are stored in the skin, rather than the flesh of an apple. Apple peels are also rich in fibre, which is a huge plus.




Apple peels

Sugar, to taste

Cinnamon, to taste

Spray ‘n’ Cook




Pre-heat oven to 180 C°. Rinse the apple peels and do not dry. Sprinkle and coat apple peels in sugar and cinnamon, to taste. Lightly spray ‘n’ cook a flat oven tray. Lay the apple peels on the oven tray and bake at 180 C° for about 35 – 45 minutes, turning the apple peels over once or twice. Even though this might seem like a long and slow process, it’s best not to turn the heat up as this will just burn the apple peels and all the goodness will be lost.


Apple peels before baking


When done, the apple peels will generally appear moderately browned on both sides, but some may end up a bit more on the crisp side as some of mine did. Take the tray out of the oven and allow the apple peels to cool down, and turn brittle and crunchy in the process, before storing in an airtight container. Enjoy!


Baked apple peels


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