It’s very frustrating when that last bit of shampoo, conditioner, face wash or hand lotion is stuck at the bottom of the bottle, and tipping the bottle upside down no longer yields any results! I really don’t like wasting anything, if I can help it, and especially because I know that even after the bottle had been sitting upside down for a while, and it seems empty, there is still some product left in there that can be used!

While it’s easy to add a bit of water to shampoo or conditioner, swish it around for a bit, and then squeeze the product out of the bottle, this won’t work for hand creams or body lotions, for example, or for conditioners in tubes which can’t be opened at all.

My favourite thing to do then is to cut the bottle, or the tube, in half. To continue using the product I scoop out as much product as I need with my hands, and use the top half of the bottle, or the tube, as ‘cover’.

                  Get everything out of the bottle

Because it has a ‘lid’ the product doesn’t dry out for a good couple of weeks so you have enough time to use up the product. You’d actually be surprised how much product there is left at the bottom and on the sides of the container, and how much longer your purchase of a shampoo or conditioner, for example, will last!

Get everything out of the bottle

With hand creams or body lotions in pump bottles with no lid cover, you may want to make your own lid cover, tip the bottle upside down and use the product as it drips down for as long as you can. You can see the step-by-step technique for making your own lid cover here.

You may also want to collect an assortment of lids, and eventually you will have a collection of lids to choose from, to fit the bottle you have. However, I usually still find it easier to cut the bottle in half, scoop out the product and put it in a hand cream container with a proper lid (Nivea containers are pretty useful to keep precisely for this).

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