What do you do with those complimentary condiment sachets that you get with your takeaway meal? Do you finish all of them? The tomato sauce (ketchup)? The vinegar? And the salt too? If not, do you throw the condiment sachets away?


We don’t!


On average, we buy a takeaway meal once a month, as a treat. There are months that go buy and we don’t even remember to get a takeaway. But when we do, we almost never finish all the complimentary condiment sachets that are included in our takeaway bag.


So I keep a smallish container in one of my kitchen cupboards where I stash the sachets we don’t get to use. We simply use them the next time we have homemade chips for supper!


Salt and pepper sachets should last for quite some time; after all, how long does salt last in your cupboard? Vinegar has a high acidic content so I wouldn’t worry so much about the expiration date on that one.


Tomato sauce (ketchup) sachets are listed on the Food Facts website as having a shelf life of about 7 months. But then again, how long does tomato sauce last in a bottle? Its shelf life is 2 years.


As a general rule, if the sachet looks like it’s about to explode, I wouldn’t use it but I must say I’ve never actually seen that! Because we make an effort to use all the condiment sachets we save, we usually use them within a couple of months.


This frugal tip isn’t so much about saving money. It’s about not wasting. You have, after all, paid for the takeaway meal, complimentary sachets and all – why throw anything away?


Chips and tomato sauce


Do you save the complimentary condiment sachets you receive? Remember to use them the next time you have a plate of slap chips at home!


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