Small jars do come by from time to time, but not often. Small jars of baby food, fish paste, cheese spreads and a variety of condiments and sauces. I’m sure many of you have wondered, just as much as I have, what is it that I have in my kitchen that could possibly fit into those small jars? How can I repurpose them?


At first I was intrigued by how small they are. They looked cute. And it seemed like such a waste to throw them away so I kept them for what seems like a very long time. In fact, I had kept them until they collected quite a bit of dust in my kitchen cupboards before I realized that I just might have a use for them in the kitchen. They did, after all, fit into my spice racks.


So I put all those small jars that I’d kept so faithfully to good use! I repurposed them into spice jars and added a bit of cuteness and flair to otherwise dull looking wooden spice racks in my kitchen.


Most spices sold in supermarkets come packaged in their own small bottles, which I keep and refill as needed. But I also have other spices that I use in in some of the dishes I often cook which are sold only in packets. Pouring the spices directly from the packets is always a bit of a messy affair in my kitchen. But now, it’s so much easier when it comes to scooping up a small amount of spice with a teaspoon from a cute, little jar!


Small empty jars


The jars can be easily sanitised in the dishwasher. Soak them in water for a couple of days first which will make it very easy for you to scrub the labels off (see my post on how to clean bottles and jars with minimal effort). Leave the lids in a sunny spot to dry completely for a day at least to make sure they don’t start to rust. Add a couple of funky labels to your jars if you like and they’re good to go!


I have since found many other uses for small jars in my home. I’ve used them to store tablets, buttons, paper clips and dice. I’ve even used them as gifts: small jars of jam or konfyt make thoughtful, quite unique gifts!


Small jars with spices


I’ve now made it habit to ask around for small jars whenever I can. If a family member or a friend is using baby food on a regular basis that’s a great place to start with your collection!


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