What do you do when the bar of soap you’re been using is down to its last little sliver? Do you simply throw that little piece away? Or do you keep using it until the very last bit of it crumbles down the drain? I’ve tried that and I didn’t quite like the fact that I was still wasting, no matter how small the piece of soap was! And besides, that last little bit would never lather nicely so it was hardly pleasant to use!

I have, at some stage, tried collecting all those little bits in a container, and when I had enough I would mold them into a whole new bar of soap. This was, however, always such a tedious process and it would take me months to collect enough. In the meantime, we would be opening one bar of soap after another while the leftover pieces would sit in a container somewhere.

So to prevent the waste, and the wait, nowadays as we use up the one bar of soap, I simply ‘attach’ the last little bit left behind to a new bar of soap, as soon as I open it. That way, we are continuously using up the little pieces and I’ve also found that this way, we actually get to use all of it, all of the time, so there is no waste at all.

The easiest way to do this is to wet both pieces of soap, preferably under running water (to not waste water you could do this when you’re washing your hands). Then, keep pressing the small piece of soap on top of the larger one, until it feels set. As you’re trying to ‘glue’ the two pieces together, both will feel a bit slippery and may want to separate, in which case simply continue to press the edges of the small piece on top of the larger piece until it feels firmly in place. Then leave it to dry off for a few hours.

Once it is dried and fully set, it will feel like a brand new bar of soap! The leftover piece will simply blend with the larger one and 99% of the time will not even want to slide off as you continue to use the soap as you normally would.

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