Now that springtime is here, we all want to see our lawns thrive into lush carpets of green. But, very often, our lawn (especially if you have Kikuyu grass growing in your garden as I’m sure most of us do) will spread underneath your paving bricks and grow from there! It’s every gardener’s nightmare!

We have this problem every single year. Small blades of grass start popping up gradually as early as October and by the time we hit the holiday season, those little blades tend to grow wild if not kept in check!

We don’t like using chemicals in our garden. We have pets, so we don’t really want to introduce any chemicals in our environment that could potentially be harmful, not only to our precious pets, but to any and all insects and wildlife (spiders, geckos, birds, etc) that roam in our garden!

Besides, buying chemicals costs money. Some weed killer spray bottles selling for R150 or R200, or even more. That really is an unnecessary expense.  

Dandelion growing on the pavement
A weed is but an unloved flower… ” ~ Ella Wheeler Wilcox

A good, old-fashioned treatment for removing weeds and grass off your pavement is (and you may never have guessed it) – boiling hot water! Yes, that’s all we use throughout the summer months to keep weeds and grass off our pavements permanently.

This treatment is slightly time consuming, and it also requires patience. Once you apply the boiling hot water on the weeds and grass on the pavement, it takes awhile for the grass to dry up, wither and then disappear completely. The whole process can take about 2 weeks, and sometimes, you may be dealing with a very robust patch of grass and you may need to apply boiling hot water more than once before you start seeing results.

Normally what I do is I boil a full kettle of water, then walk outside and pour the boiling hot water directly onto the weeds and grass growing on the pavement, I leave it to dry. I will usually inspect the paving carefully in about two days’ time and I will be looking for signs that the grass is starting to dry up. If that is not the case I will simply go back inside, boil a full kettle of water again, and pour some more hot water directly onto the stubborn patches.

Pour boiling hot water over the weeds growing on the pavement.
Pour boiling hot water over the weeds growing on the pavement.

In about 2 weeks’ time most of the weeds and grass growing on your pavement will have withered away, without any further effort on your part. Now isn’t that just amazing?

I love the fact that this whole process takes so little effort, costs practically nothing and does not in any way disturb the ecosystem of your garden with any harsh chemicals. Yet, at the same time, it ensures you maintain a beautiful, clean and absolutely weeds-free paving all around your home!

We have been using this technique for many years now, and it works every single time. Have you tried this? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

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