If you’ve picked up a copy of the Sunday Times on 24 September (2017), you’ve probably come across the article “Supersavers fill up their own ‘special’ spazas” on page 7. To my absolute delight, Frugal in SA was quoted in the article.


This was the first time Frugal in SA has been mentioned in print, and exposed to a much wider audience. I was so happy to have been contacted by the reporter for comments in this article and to be included alongside a fellow stockpiler Ncumisa Ndelu. She runs a Facebook group called 1 Family 1 Stockpile where members share current specials and deals, and delight at their savings. If you’ve missed the article in print, it is still available electronically here, to subscribers only though.


Frugal in SA in the Sunday Times


I wrote about my stockpiling efforts in my blog post Are you a fan of Stockpiling? I stockpile in moderation, and within my budget, the items that we regularly use. This includes general groceries as well as toiletries and household cleaning supplies. I find that I do save money by doing this, and since starting my stockpile a while back I have managed to reduce our monthly grocery bill by at least R800-R1000.


For some ideas on how to get your own stockpile started, or if you already have one going, have a look at my blog post Are you a fan of Stockpiling? for some ideas on items to stock up. I find that the best time to add to my stockpile is when I can find items at their rock bottom prices. I keep a handy list of the lowest prices of common grocery and other household items in my blog post Know Your Prices which helps me decide which specials and deals to take advantage of each month.


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