And did you manage to snag a few bargains? I hope so. I’m just glad all the hype leading up to Black Friday sales in South Africa is finally over. Phew! It’s done.


Am I happy about some of the Black Friday bargains I’ve found? Yes, definitely. I wasn’t in the market for anything tech or digital, or even clothes. I wasn’t even looking for Christmas gifts as I’ve pretty much done all my shopping for Christmas gifts by now. I was mostly just looking to replenish some household items in my stockpile, and I was on the lookout for bargains on just a few of those items.


The shops were busy. Things did go flying off the shelves. There were no trolleys, no leaflets, and the queues were long by the tills. Some shopping malls in our area, I’ve heard, absolutely ran out of parking space. People queued for Game stores to open doors at midnight.


I’m sure that for many people, Black Friday coincided with month-end shopping, which was certainly the case for me. Could I have avoided it? Sure, but then I would have had to do my month-end shopping at a time when there were possibly going to be fewer items on special, and I didn’t want that.


So off I went after work, and did the rounds at all the major supermarket retailers (Checkers, Pick ‘n’ Pay, Woolworths and Spar) as well as Clicks, Dis-Chem and Makro, like I usually do at month end.


Some of the bargains include (and not all of these are Black Friday specials, just the store’s ‘regular specials’):


  • R65.99 for 4kg Ariel Automatic washing powder at Clicks (with Clicks Club Card)


  • R54.99 for 800ml Pantene Shampoo and Conditioner each at Dis-Chem
  • R34.99 for Mitchum stick deodorants at Dis-Chem (regular price over R50.00)
  • R18.00 for Handy Andy Actifizz at Dis-Chem (with Wuhu coupon)


  • R29.00 for 2.5kg sugar at Woolworths
  • R45.00 for 5 x 500 gr. packets of pasta at Woolworths
  • R79.90 Woolies toilet paper 18’s at Woolworths


  • R15.00 for 800 gr. Kraft Miracle Whip mayonnaise at Checkers
  • R99.00 for 3 x 1kg Flora margarine at Checkers
  • R80.00 for 800 gr. Gouda cheese + 6-pack Parmalat fruit yoghurt at Checkers
  • R35.00 for 3kg brown sugar at Checkers
  • R30.00 for 4 x 175 gr. Lux soaps at Checkers


  • R30.00 for 2 litre sunflower oil at Pick ‘n’ Pay
  • R48.00 for 3kg Omo Auto washing powder at Pick ‘n’ Pay


  • R79.90 Baby Soft toilet paper 18’s at Spar
  • R18.99 800 gr. Husky tinned dog food at Spar
  • R8.99 for a tin of tuna at Spar


  • R100.00 for 2 x 200 teabags of Joko tea at Makro


Sure, there were other items on special but these are the items I thought were quite good bargains, and they happened to be on my shopping list for the month or my list of stockpiling items that I needed to replenish. I also did my month-end shopping, minus the trip to the greengrocers’, which I’ve planned for next weekend.


All in all, the shopping was a bit tiring, because the shops were a bit busier, but I’m glad about the savings.


What are some of your best Black Friday finds this year? Please share with me in the comments below.


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