Grapes are still in season at this time of year. They are plentiful and extremely affordable when buying in bulk! You can buy a whole box of grapes (1.5kg) for just over R20.00! This is the time when we make quite a few jars of delicious grape konfyt, and we enjoy it throughout the year.

Grape konfyt is not difficult to make, and it’s not expensive to make either but it yields a good amount. For 1 kg of fresh grapes you will get about 800 gr. of grape konfyt. It can be stored unrefrigerated, provided the jar was sealed properly.

Cooking time totals between 2 to 3 hours, and involves quite a bit of stirring, so you can’t leave it unattended, but other than that, the whole process is easy. And you all know how much I love recipes that are easy!

We enjoy grape konfyt throughout the year. We use on pancakes, flapjacks and toast. Sometimes we serve a teaspoon or two of grape konfyt over vanilla ice cream or a plain sponge cake. It’s really very versatile! And did I mention, delicious?

Grape konfyt served on flapjacks


1 kg. grapes, washed and destalked

1 kg. sugar

50 ml. water

1/2 lemon, washed and thinly sliced

You can increase the amount of grapes you use. For each kilogram of grapes, use 1 kg. of sugar and 50 ml. water. The method of cooking remains the same.

You can use any kind of grapes that you have at hand for this recipe – red or white, seedless or not, small or large. I have made grape konfyt using all of those! It is best to stick to one type of grapes per batch, but I have also mixed them at times, depending on what I had. It will still turn out lovely and delicious!



Use a non-stick pot for cooking. Pour the sugar and the water in the pot, and let it heat up slowly. Keep stirring until the sugar melts, and cooks through a little, for about half an hour on medium heat.

Then add the washed, destalked grapes and the sliced lemon into the pot. Continue to cook on medium heat, stirring occasionally and carefully skimming any foam that collects on top during cooking.

When ready, pour the grape konfyt into sterilised jars, close the lids and leave to cool down to room temperature before storing in your pantry.

To test whether or not the konfyt is ready, drop half a teaspoon of syrup into a small bowl, allow it to cool for a minute. Check the consistency. The consistency you’re looking for is slightly less runny than what you would need when making jam. Enjoy!

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