August this year was definitely an ‘easy’ month for us in that I didn’t have to do a whole lot of grocery shopping! I am glad that I’m under the budget for the month and we should be more than alright for the month ahead as far as groceries are concerned.


One of the biggest reasons I am under budget this time is that I didn’t have to buy any cleaning or toiletry items – no shampoo, no washing powder, no Handy Andy, no dishwasher tablets, nothing. My stockpile of these items, although small, is stocked well enough as I’ve been taking advantage of some really good sales over the past couple of months. I probably only needed to stock up on some soap but that’s about it. And the groceries I bought were from Pick ‘n’ Pay, Checkers, Meat World and Apple Tree Alberton. It was, altogether, a really quick trip.


The biggest grocery find for the month was Pedigree dog chunks (7kg bag) for only R100.00 at Makro. This brand of dog food normally retails about R250.00 per bag so that was quite a big saving. I bought 3 bags which should last a while, or let me rephrase that – I stopped myself at 3 bags. This was a really good buy, and in fact it is even cheaper than what I normally pay for other types of dog food on ‘special’ each month i.e. it was R14.00 per kg as opposed to R19.00 or R21.00! This was a ‘Manager’s special’ though and only valid for the one weekend. I heard about it on Facebook – someone had seen the special at one of the stores, took a photo and was simply spreading the word to friends. So, moral of that story to self is: watch out for specials on my friends’ newsfeed!


Some of the specials at the Apple Tree Alberton included 4 pineapples for R20.00 and I bought 2 of those specials. So pineapple, with quite a few naartjies which we had at home already, will be our go-to fruits for the month ahead. A 2kg bag of sweet potatoes was still on special for R9.99 so instead of plain old potatoes as one of our starches for the month ahead, we’re going to be having some sweet potatoes while they’re still available at that price. Lettuce was also on special as well as carrots, beetroot, green beans, tomatoes, spinach and bell peppers. I’ve spent just over R200.00 and we have more than enough vegetables and fruit for the entire month ahead.


I bought some of our staples at Pick ‘n’ Pay. They had, for example, 5 Maggi noodles packets for R18.50 and Fattis & Monis pasta 3 packets of 500 gr. for R30.00. There was another brand of pasta for less than that, I think about R8.00 each, but we’ll try that some other time. I needed to stock up on pasta as we were all out, so it just made more sense not to stock up on a product that we’d never tried before. Sasko cake flour was still at R19.99 and so was the 2 litre bottle of oil for R29.00 which was on my shopping list. I noticed that the Husky tinned dog food was on special for R19.99 which is slightly more than the specials we used to get on that brand just a couple of months ago. And up until a few weeks ago we could get a tray of eggs for just over R35.00 at Pick ‘n’ Pay but the same tray now costs R47.90. That was quite an increase, but it’s still cheaper than paying well over R65.00 for a tray of eggs at other stores!


I also chose not to stock up on long life milk this month because even on special it was still more expensive than the Douglasdale 2-litre bottle of milk which was on special at Checkers for R19.99. I’m going to keep an eye out for specials on long life milk and see if it comes up for less than R11.50 or R12.00 per litre. Sugar has also increased in price quite a bit over the last couple of months and now it’s quite rare to find a packet of 2,5 kg for less than R35.00 but I must remember to stock up when it does come up on special for less than that.


And finally, as a bonus, quite a few of the groceries that were on my shopping list for the month were not only on special in-store, but they were listed on the Snap n Save app at the same time, so I have saved ‘double’ so to speak. I have since loaded my till slips, and have received the cashback in my e-wallet already. I am actually looking forward to spending my Snap n Save savings at the end of the year. I am also looking forward to using the app a bit more as the very basic grocery items which I usually buy such as oil, milk, eggs, etc. seem to be getting listed more and more often.


What were some of your grocery finds and savings in August?


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