It’s that time of the month when I share with you my grocery savings and deals from my last grocery shop. As we’ve had quite a few additional, and some unplanned expenses, this month, my grocery budget was much lower than what it usually is.


Nonetheless, I feel that I’ve found some good deals, despite the limitations. Besides, we still do have a stockpile of items both in the pantry and the freezer that we can make use of this month.


My first stop was for fresh produce at Apple Tree Food Market. As we’d stocked up on potatoes last month (potatoes can keep well in a dry and dark location, in a well-ventilated bag) I really only needed to stock on up on more perishable items. This what I found on special: 2 cauliflower heads for R9.99, 4 avocados for R20.00, 2 baby cabbage for R7.99, a very large bag of onions for R14.99, 3 kg apples for R30.00 so R10.00 for 1 kg, 2 punnets of strawberries for R25.00 and a bunch of fresh dhanya for R7.99.


I bought a few other items which were not on special on the day such as green peppers and tomatoes, but these were still cheaper than supermarkets. I also thought that R29.99 for 2 very large calabash which I bought was alright as we get at least 10 portions (meals for two) when we make a large pot of calabash curry.


My next stop was at OK Grocer. They had the same special on large, grain-fed eggs as last month which was R42.99 for a tray. I bought that as well as a couple of packets of JOKO tea (100s) for R28.99 (to replenish my stockpile), Babysoft toilet paper 18s for R79.99 and 3 packets of Knorr soup for R10.00 which I can use as an addition to stews.


I then went on to Woolies where they, once again, had a special on pasta (linguine, spaghetti or macaroni) 5 x 500 gr. packets for R45.00, 4 tins of tuna for R50.00, 2 x 3kg Skip washing powder for R100.00 (which brings to just over R16.00 per kg) and almond & fruit snack bars 4 for R40.00 (they normally retail for R14.99 each). These were all good buys, I thought. The Woolies tuna is especially nice and the almond & fruit snack bars are one of my favourite go-to health snacks so I was really chuffed that they were on special.


After Woolies, I ended up at Pick ‘n’ Pay where I bought most of what we needed for the month ahead. The no name brand 2.5kg sugar was R28.99, cake flour was still at R19.99 for 2.5kg, Husky tinned dog food at R19.99 per tin, NIVEA 400ml tub of cream was R34.99, Dove cotton buds 200s at R12.99, plain yoghurt 1kg tub for R19.99, 2 litre milk for R22.99, 200gr. baking powder refills at R14.99, Aquafresh toothpaste at R10.99, spirit vinegar R6.99 for 750ml, Weetbix 450gr. at R22.99.


I bought a few other items at Pick ‘n’ Pay which were not on special, but were still reasonably priced. I used up a few personalised Pick ‘n’ Pay vouchers as well as my Pick ‘n’ Pay Smart Shopper points and thus managed to reduce the total bill by at least R70.00, which wasn’t bad at all.


I didn’t use any Wuhu Deals coupons this month as I didn’t need any of the items that were on their list, but I did make use of a few Snap ‘n’ Save vouchers.


I will more than likely have to replenish fresh produce during the month e.g. lettuce, tomatoes, possibly leeks and brinjals, and perhaps onions and green peppers, but that shouldn’t cost much. Our local Spar often has mid-month specials on fresh produce, and the store is closer to us and thus cheaper (fuel-wise) to buy from them instead of trekking all the way to the greengrocer’s which I do once a month, and only for my large fruit and veggie shop for the month ahead.


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