My July grocery shopping trip consisted of a very quick trip to the shops this month indeed! I did not want to be out in the cold for any longer than necessary: my shopping list was short, and I only included the items which absolutely needed replenishing, having made a plan to rely on everything else on my pantry and toiletries stockpile. As I was able to leave work a bit early last week Wednesday, I headed to the shops before heading home.


My first stop was at the Apple Tree Food Market. Last week was their birthday week and they had some really nice specials on different days of the week. I scored a 10kg bag of potatoes for only R20.00, a largish pocket of oranges for R14.99, a whole coconut for R14.99 (I bought two – we might as well enjoy them while they’re so affordable!), 1 box of naartjies for R15.99, 4 very large avocados for R20.00 (I bought times two) and 1kg of bananas for R8.99.


I did not need to buy any onions, or soup greens, and we still have lots of cauliflower, peas and mushrooms in the freezer. I also chose to buy two smaller packets of carrots, instead of a 5kg bag which was going for R10.00 as I didn’t plan on using up that many carrots in my meal plan for the coming month.


At the Apple Tree Food Market I also bought some tomatoes and red peppers even though the specials on those items could have been better i.e. 1kg of tomatoes cost R12.99 and a packet of 4 large peppers cost R15.99. While there I also bought 500 gr. packets of beans and soup mix for only R12.00 each which is a bit cheaper than you can find these in other shops. I also bought 2 large bags of Pedigree dog chunks for R150.00 each, which is also cheaper than in the other shops.


My next stop was at Meat World even though I didn’t really need to buy any meat as I have more than enough in the freezer to cater for the month ahead. So I decided to take advantage of their low prices on minced beef (R62.00 per kg), beef goulash, with no bone (R69.99 per kg) and pork sausages (R39.99 per kg) to stock up for the month after.


The only supermarket I visited that day was the OK Foods. They had a special on a tray of 30 large, grain fed eggs for R42.99 (pretty much the cheapest around), 2 litre Montic milk for R18.99, Lancewood Gouda cheese 900 gr. for R84.00, Baby Soft toilet paper 18s for R79.99 (Clicks toilet paper 18s was cheaper though, at R69.99) and Husky tinned dog food for R18.99 (although they did have cheaper varieties).


And my last stop for the day was at Dis-chem. They had some nice 2+1 specials on quite a few toiletries: toothpaste, body lotions, etc. I really like the 2+1 deals because you can buy a bit more for a bit less. Even though the price per item tends to be the regular price it still works out a bit cheaper when you add up the cost of 2 items but divide by 3 to get the actual cost per item.


So that’s pretty much my entire shop for the month. I will probably need to get some more fruits and veggies but I will do that halfway through the month. How was your month end shop? I hope you scored some nice deals!


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