Shopping for groceries this month was a breeze. I went grocery shopping on Saturday morning and because I decided to leave the house quite early, just before 8am, the shops were still quiet for a good hour or two, even though it was month end. I went through all the inserts in our local newspaper (if you prefer to browse online, try Guzzle instead), made a shopping list and prepared our meal plan for the month ahead. I was all set for the shops!


I managed to find some good bargains this month. My first stop was at the Apple Tree Food Market. I stocked up on our staple veggies such as potatoes (7kg for R28), onions (7 kg for R38), baby potatoes (2kg for R14.00). My meal plan for the month of June includes a whole lot of soups and stews, so lots of onions are needed, and potatoes will go quite nicely with our choice of stews.


I bought a 5kg bag of oranges for R10.00, 3 punnets of mushrooms for R30.00, a large box of naartjies for R19.99, pawpaw for R12.99, very large avocados for R6.99 each, 4 quinces for R20.00. These were my best buys. I also had to buy some tomatoes, green peppers, bananas but these were not on special and I ended up paying full price e.g. R15.99 for 1kg of tomatoes and R9.99 for 1kg of bananas (but that’s still cheaper than in supermarkets).


My next stop was at Meat World. This month, they had whole chickens for R29.99 per kg so I stocked up. They also had minced meat at R66.99 per kg as well as pork bangers for R39.99 also per kg. Both of these were good buys, and especially the minced meat which is cheaper than in supermarkets and it’s also cheaper than stewing beef (with bone) per kilogram.


This month I found 2kg bag of Tastic rice at Spar for R19.99 so I stocked up. We were actually all out of rice but as we usually eat more rice in winter (with stews and curries), I stocked up as the cold winter months are here. Spar also had the cheapest tins of baked beans at R6.99 each as well as 500 gr. packets of sugar beans for R15.99.


At Pick ‘n’ Pay I found quite a few grocery items that were well priced: 2.5 kg. sugar for R28.00, 2.5 kg. flour for R19.99, Ouma rusks for R27.90 (I stocked up on these again), long-life milk for R59.99 for 6, 500 gr. brown lentils for R13.99, Nestle hot chocolate 2 x 500 gr. for R80.00 (they normally retail for R65.00 each!), Flatties dog treats for R15.99 (these retail for well over R20.00 these days), a crate of large eggs for R40.00. I bought a few other grocery items at Pick ‘n’ Pay but the savings on those items were small (the specials could have been better!).


I then made my way to Checkers although I didn’t buy that many items there. My best grocery buys at Checkers were 500 gr. packets of ground coffee for R79.99 (the cheapest anywhere), sunflower oil which was reduced to R29.99 for a 2-litre bottle so I bought to add to my stockpile. Checkers was also selling large bags of Tait’s chips for R9.99 (which is the cheapest as well, as Lay’s for example is now selling for almost R20.00 a bag!), cream crackers for R8.99 and tins of tomato & onion mix for R9.99 each. All in all, not much.


I bought the least at Woolies this month, really only a few grocery items. My best buys were Brie and Camembert cheeses at R22.95 each. This was cheaper than Fairview Brie for example at Checkers at R24.00 (on special).


I also bought very few items at Dis-Chem as we’re all stocked up with toiletries. My best buy at Dis-Chem were the Sunlight dishwasher tablets. By using a Wuhu deals coupon I ended up paying only R39.99 for a packet of 23 Sunlight dishwashing tablets. This works out to R1.73 per dishwashing tablet, so R173.00 for a 100. That’s definitely cheaper than anywhere else at the moment. I used 2 Wuhu coupons, as only 2 were available, but I’m definitely going to check for this deal again next month.


So those were my grocery savings for the month. I hope you managed to find some good deals at the end of April/beginning of this month as well?


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