Now that winter in this part of the world is finally coming to an end, we can look forward to a whole lot of end-of-season sales throughout the month of August.


This is a good time to examine the contents of your cupboards and to start thinking about what sales you can take advantage of during the winter end-of-season sales. Stocking up on items that we need, at their cheapest, is a win-win in my book.


Here’s what you can expect to find on sale this month.


Winter Clothing


The end of July and all the way through to August, we can expect to see a whole lot of end-of-season winter clothing sales. This includes jackets, jerseys, boots, hats, scarves, gloves, winter socks, slippers, thermal undergarments and pyjamas.


Planning for this end-of-season sale, and saving up in advance, as well as budgeting for what you need, can be a worthwhile venture as it will save you money when you need those items next year. Besides, it’s always a good idea to wait for end-of-season sales as this is really the best time to buy clothes from retailers at their cheapest.


For Your Home


As soon as the end-of-season clothing sales begin, most stores will also have a selection of winter goodies for your home on reduced as well. This includes winter bedding, duvets, blankets, throws, heaters, hot water bottles, etc.


If there’s an item you need for winter, now is the best time to hunt down those bargains and take advantage of the low prices. Besides, you’ll be prepared for next winter and won’t have to fork out a whole lot of money when the winter season starts next year.


Seasonal Foods


In the supermarkets you can expect to see mark downs on seasonal foods on the shelves. This includes soups, in packets and canned, stewing ingredients/mixes, winter breakfast items such as oats and hot drinks e.g. hot chocolate, health teas, etc.


Some seasonal produce such as oranges, naartjies and lemons will still also be at their cheapest, so if you’re thinking of making some marmalade or lemon curd, or even freezing lemon juice and rind, now is the time to do it. You can still enjoy apples, pears, avocados as well as a variety of pumpkins and squashes at their cheapest during the year. Mushrooms are still plentiful and can be washed, chopped up and frozen to be enjoyed in the coming months.


Health Supplements


If you regularly take vitamins or vitamin C tablets, or any other health food supplements, now is a good time to take advantage of winter prices and stock up for a couple of months. I love Dis-Chem’s 3 for 2 specials, especially at the start of winter, but even better if the sale is on for a while.


All in all, keep an eye out for any winter item that might be going on sale, especially if there is something in particular you’re looking for.


What items do you tend to buy on sale in August?


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