I love Unilever Deals coupons, now Wuhu Deals. I have been using their coupons for several months now and I have scored some pretty good deals so far! Before I go grocery shopping nowadays I always check what coupons are available.


The Wuhu Deals website offers coupons for various Unilever products which you can use at Pick ‘n’ Pay, Checkers, Shoprite, Spar or Dischem. Each store often has different coupons available so it’s worth checking out all the coupons available at each store. Sometimes, the coupons are exactly the same at 2 or 3 of the stores which means that you can buy the same item at a discounted price more than once. If you’re looking to stock up on an item then this is great.


The Wuhu Deals coupons change every month but they are also valid for the whole calendar month, which means you can grab the coupon and buy the item when you’re ready. Sometimes the same item is further reduced and on special in the shop in which case, you would save even more. Very often, however, this is not the case and you will be using the discount against the item’s full price which may still be a few Rand more expensive than the same item of a different brand – be prepared for that.


It’s very easy to register to use the Wuhu Deals coupons. Go to the Wuhu Deals and click website on the Sign Up button, enter your cell phone number and a password and you’re in. Alternatively, you can now download the Wuhu App, which I find a bit more convenient to use, especially if I’m in the shops already. Browse the coupons available and click on Add to Basket. When you’re ready to use the coupon, click on Checkout and the coupons code will be SMS-ed to your cell phone. Then simply present this SMS at the till and ask the cashier to apply the code to your purchase. If the cashier is a bit unsure of how to apply the coupon, simply request a manager on duty to assist you and they will.


I have so far not had any problems using the Wuhu Deals coupons. When I first wanted to use them though I checked with the Pick ‘n’ Pay and Dischem managers on duty to see if the shop is indeed using them, which they should be, and I’ve always had a positive reply. The Wuhu Deals coupons are really very easy to use and there always seem to be several thousand coupons available for each item which means a lot more people can benefit from the Wuhu Deals coupons.


What I like about the Wuhu Deals coupons the most is that it’s instant cash off your purchase which is great. What I also like is that they allow me to buy certain items which otherwise might just be a bit too expensive for my budget. This month, for example, I used a R20.00 coupon for a 1kg tub of Flora Gold margarine with Buttermilk. The full price of the item was R56.00 in the shops but I bought it for R36.00 using the coupon available. The discounted price was actually quite reasonable although yes, you could buy a 1kg tub of other brand margarine for a few Rand less.


The only aspect of the Wuhu Deals coupons website that I don’t find particularly useful is that doesn’t show you the full price of the item – it displays only the discounted amount for each. As a result, I have to actually check how much the item costs in the shop first and then I decide whether or not I want to use a certain coupon. This means that I will usually only request the SMS coupon when I’m actually at the store.


Do you use Wuhu Deals coupons? If you do, I’d love to hear about your experiences. Please leave me a comment below.


Disclaimer: Financial compensation was not received for this post. Opinions expressed here are my own.


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