We have a lovely Lavender bush in our garden. We re-planted it a few years ago as it wasn’t doing very well in its original pot. It has since grown beautifully in the ground. It’s surprisingly low-maintenance and fast-growing, and endures the frosty winters in Gauteng quite well. It attracts butterflies and various other insects. Its scent is divine.


As our lavender bush is quite large – about 1,5 metres wide and at least as tall – we have plenty of lavender flowers to harvest. Once a year, I enjoy cutting up a whole lot of lavender stems, drying them in bunches and making lavender sachets to use in all our cupboards. The best time to cut is September, or early October, before the rains start and the weather is warm enough to dry the lavender flowers.


I usually select only the flower stems but you can cut a bit further down the stem to include some lavender leaves too. Dry for 2-3 weeks in semi-shade. Once completely dry and brittle, it’s easy to pull the petals and buds off the stem and fill the sachets.You don’t have to buy any wardrobe fresheners and if you choose to use refillable sachets, like I do, you only really need to buy these once. If you’re handy with a sewing machine you could make your own sachets with small scraps of left-over material you might have.


Drying lavender


Lavender keeps moths at bay pretty much all year round and makes our cupboards smell deliciously fresh and clean. It’s not necessary to add lavender essential oils to your sachets as these can be expensive. Simply give your sachets a toss and a shake from time to time to release nature’s fragrance! Here are some of my lavender sachets, all ready to go! With just a little bit of effort and time I now don’t have to spend money on fragrant sachets from the shops.


Lavender sachets


If you would like to learn more about growing lavender and various lavender crafts, click on the link below.



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