Once you start Meal Planning around Specials, it’s important to stay organised from one month to the next. That’s why I use a Meal Planning Folder in an A4 arch lever file with printable Weekly Meal Plan pages and Meal Planning Folder Dividers that I can insert as needed. It helps to work with lose pages because you can insert as many as you need and when you need them.

I’ve seen Post-it notes that are used to stick and shift your recipes around laminated Weekly Meal Planning sheets as you meal plan (and this looks really neat and awesome!) but I actually like to write down my meal planning ideas for this one simple reason: I can keep track of our meals each week, and each month, so that I can rotate our meals and make sure we don’t often have the same choices. Writing everything down is an absolute life saver for me, otherwise I would definitely forget.

I also use Meal Planning File Dividers so that I can keep track of my meal planning on a month to month basis. For each month I file a copy of my Meal Planning around Specials shopping list that I use to do my month end shopping as well as the Weekly Meal Plans that I’d used for that month.

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Meal Planning around Specials Shopping List

 Meal Planning File Dividers

Weekly Meal Planning Sheet (blank)

At the back of the file, I also keep a list of our favourite Breakfast, Snacks, Dinner and Sandwich ideas which I use to meal plan around specials each month, making sure I rotate the meals as well as the staples, the protein (meats) and veggies. Have a look at my Meal Planning Ideas post for some of our favourite meals and snacks.

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Happy Frugal Meal Planning & Enjoy the Savings!

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