While a Pantry and Freezer Challenge may not be everyone’s cup of tea, we’ve quite enjoyed doing this challenge earlier on in the year. Here are some of the lessons learnt and the benefits we experienced in our month of the Pantry and Freezer Challenge. If you are thinking about doing a Pantry and Freezer Challenge yourself, then these are the benefits you can expect too.


We saved money


Yes, we definitely did! Because we used as much as we could from our pantry and freezer, we didn’t need to buy as much from the supermarkets which saved us quite a bit of money that month (and the next too, as we froze some of the meals we prepared for later). If this is your primary reason for deciding to do a Pantry & Freezer Challenge, then you’re definitely on the right track! You can then decide at the end of the month how best you’re going to channel the money that you’ve saved. You could use it to add an extra payment or two towards your debt repayment, or you could add it to your savings account if you don’t have any debt to pay off, or you could simply decide to use the money for whatever else you need it at the moment.


We got creative in the kitchen!


We sure did! While I prepared some of our tried and tested meals during the Pantry and Freezer challenge month, I also experimented a little here and there and created meals that I probably wouldn’t have otherwise! One of these meals that we really enjoyed and will definitely make again is the Soya Beans & Mince Meatballs recipe. During this time I also searched around for new recipes and this is always a good thing. Sometimes we become too set in our ways and there is hardly a reason to venture into the unknown but the Pantry and Freezer Challenge will definitely give you a reason to do just that!


We used up odds and ends in our Pantry


While it may not always be a good idea to deplete your entire pantry stash, we managed to use up all the odds and ends in our pantry, including half open packets and items that were about to expire or have just been sitting around for too long. If you decide to give the Pantry and Freezer Challenge a go, this will definitely give you a reason to rethink the contents of your stockpile in general and then to restock your pantry and freezer with items that you need and actually want to stash (I know I sometimes buy items that are on reduced even if we don’t often use them!).


We were more mindful of the items bought afterwards


Rethinking the contents of both your pantry and freezer during the Pantry and Freezer Challenge will definitely make you more aware of what you actually want and need to have in your stockpile and will possibly stop you from buying items that are on reduced or special if you know you are unlikely to use them. This is definitely what has happened to us! I now know that there are items that I will unlikely buy again to include in my stockpile while there are others that I will definitely be stocking up on if I find them at a really good price, such as the Soya beans.


If all of this sounds like a good idea, then head on over to my Pantry and Freezer Challenge post to see how you can get started too!


Happy Savings & Frugal Living!


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