One of the items on my shopping list this month was a variety of spice refills. As I hadn’t bought spices in a while I was quite surprised, to put it mildly, at how much the prices have gone up since the last time I bought!


I’ve always bought and used a variety of spice brands, including the store brands. I tend to buy the refill packets and then reuse the spice bottles I already have. If I don’t have a specific spice bottle these days I will still buy the refill packet and simply repurpose a small, glass jar.


The increase in the price of spices seemed to be across the board, and in all the shops I’d visited. Some spices cost well over R30.00, in fact, almost R40.00! A lot of the refill packets I’d looked at were almost R20.00 and some even more than that. I realised that I was going to be shelling out at least R150.00 to refill all my empty spice bottles at home, and that really seemed a tad bit much for just spices.


But, I’ve found an absolute winner – QualiFresh spice refill packets. I’ve used that brand before, and was quite happy, so I didn’t hesitate to buy the QualiFresh refill packets again. Their prices are very affordable, and I’ve found our local Meat World Market shop to be beautifully stocked with quite a range of QualiFresh refill spices.


For example, a QualiFresh Cinnamon refill packet cost R8.99 whereas in other shops, other brands were selling, the same quantity I must add, for R16.99 or R17.99, which is pretty much double the price. The QualiFresh Steak & Chops refill packet cost R11.99 and other brands were selling for about, or just over, R20.00 in other shops. In fact, the entire QualiFresh refill packets range, from what I could see, was selling for a lot less than other brands in stores.


I was quite happy that I managed to find all the refills that I needed in the QualiFresh range. I’m happy with the quality and the range of the spices they have to offer so I will definitely be stocking up on the QualiFresh refills again. They also have, which other brands don’t, the Allspice (Pimento) which I have previously bought and often used in baking, especially Pumpkin spice bread and Christmas cookies.


As an added bonus, QualiFresh spices contain no MSG and no artificial colouring.


QualiFresh Spices


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