We recently came across a lovely gem of an Italian restaurant in Boksburg. We were in the area, visiting another shop in the same centre, when we spotted Al’Italiana Foods. As we walked by, we were drawn by the lovely smell of pizza baking in the oven… It was so warm and inviting that we decided, on an absolute whim, that we would check it out as soon as we were finished shopping. And so we did.


If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you’ll know that we almost never just decide to go to a restaurant, unless it’s been budgeted for….which just goes to show how much we were drawn by the lovely smell of pizza. Yes, we love pizza, and even more so we love authentic Italian pizza.


Al’Italiana Foods is fairly small when it comes to seating, with a few tables inside and a few more tables outside, but cosy nonetheless. The décor is rustic but pleasant. We were greeted warmly by the manager (owner) and shown their sit-down/takeaway menu as well as their menu of frozen, ready-made Italian meals. There really was quite a variety to choose from, and we were told that all their food is prepared using fresh ingredients, and only in small batches at a time. We were impressed.


AlItaliana Foods Pizza


That week (or I’m not sure if it was for the month), Al’Italiana Foods was running a special on 2 large Regina pizzas or 2 large Margherita pizzas, for ONLY R60. So my husband and I decided we would order 2 large Margherita pizzas, and have an espresso each. We couldn’t wait to tuck in! And we didn’t have to wait too long either. In less than 15 minutes, our pizzas were on the table. Hot out of the oven, and beautifully presented.


The pizza base was just perfect – not too thin and not too thick. It was just right. There was plenty of topping, and it tasted gooood (that’s exactly what I was thinking as I tucked in!). Needless to say, the pizzas disappeared off our plates in record time! That’s how delicious they were!


I was also impressed by their price. In many other places around town (takeaways or restaurants), you cannot get 2 large pizzas for R60.00, and considering how lovely our pizzas were, I’d say you definitely cannot get that value, that taste for that price elsewhere. Really impressive!


AlItaliana Foods


My husband and I really enjoyed our pizzas so much that we both agreed we should give their frozen meals a go as well! Again, you’ll know if you’ve been following my blog for a while that I never buy ready-made meals, but make my own, so this really was quite an exception! Al’Italiana Foods were running a special that month on ready-made meals as well, so the frozen Margherita pizzas and beef lasagnes, were only R28.00 each, if you bought a batch, and that’s exactly what we did.


Over the coming weeks we really enjoyed our ready-made meals! The beef lasagne was absolutely delicious, and best of all, contains no preservatives, but really only good quality ingredients, including butter (i.e. no margarine!). The lasagne was full of flavour, and lots and lots of cheese – just how I like it. Besides, if you look around the supermarkets at your average frozen or ready-made meals, they cost more than just R28.00 a pop, so I know that price-wise, this was a really good deal, and taste-wise, it was an absolute winner in my book!


You can visit Al’Italiana Foods at the shopping centre located on the corner of Herman Pieterse and North Rand Road, Boksburg, Gauteng and follow their Facebook page for the latest specials.


Disclaimer: financial, or any other, compensation was not received for this blog post and the views and opinions expressed are my own, and based on my own experience.


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