Chasing month end savings and specials around the 24th and 25th of the month can be a bit of a nightmare if this date falls on a weekday, which it did this week, and for me that usually means that I have to do the shopping after a full day’s work, which can be exhausting. And postponing the shopping until Saturday, for example, is not really an option as the items on special usually run out by then and I then lose out on the savings. Because I had to shop on a weeknight this week, I am so glad that I didn’t have a whole heap of shopping to do as we still have quite a few cooked meals leftover in our deep freeze so all in all I had to buy less this month that what I normally would do which was a bit of a saving overall.


This month I received another R100 e-voucher from Toluna which I used at Takealot. As I mentioned in one of my earlier posts, I’ve been using Toluna for a while now to complete surveys and earn points to redeem for a voucher. Although Toluna offers other payment options, I was quite happy to get the Takealot voucher as they had the large bag of dog chunks that I usually buy for our doggies R40 cheaper than in any of the shops, so I placed an order for two of those. While I had to chip in a bit to pay for this, I didn’t have to pay for delivery as the order was over R250.


I did most of our grocery shopping this month at Pick ‘n’ Pay and Woolworths as they seemed to have the most offers on special. There were quite a few of the same items on special both at Checkers and Pick ‘n’ Pay with almost the same price but Pick ‘n’ Pay was still cheaper by about a Rand or so on each item. What I did buy at Checkers this month though is a copy of Essentials and Your Family, for R8 less each with their Eezi coupons. As I was spending less on our groceries this month anyway I thought I could do with a small treat!


I used just over R200 in Smart Shopper points at Pick ‘n’ Pay which reduced my total bill by quite a bit. Pick ‘n’ Pay are still offering all Smart Shoppers a free copy of their Fresh Living magazine, which I was really pleased about once again as I actually enjoy some of their articles as well as recipes. I also managed to stock up on some nice treats for our doggies at Pick ‘n’ Pay which they so enjoy – the Beeno Rollies and the Beeno Flatties, in various flavours – which were on special for only R14.90 each and normally they sell for either R25 or R28 at different shops.


At Pick ‘n’ Pay I also used a Unilever Deals coupon for R10 for a bottle of Comfort Fabric Softener which I needed, as this particular brand hasn’t come on special for several months now. I then spent a R100 voucher which I received from a company in the post just this week too. Last month we had a problem with one of their frozen items which we’d purchased for just over R40. When I phoned the number on the packaging to complain about this, they were nice enough to apologize profusely, take down my details and send me a R100 voucher to use on any of their products, which I did. So, thank you, company, for this small savings though you shall remain nameless in this blog post.


Woolworths had some nice specials on this month. They had the cheapest tins of baked beans around this month at R7 each, although you had to buy 4 tins for R28. What was also good I thought was 4 x 6-pack of low fat fruit flavoured yoghurt for R50 which works out to just R2 for each little tub. I also bought 2kg of Crunchy Munchie apples (these are our absolute favourites) for R20. You can check out lots more items on special at Woolworths here.


With all these savings, that’s a total of about R785 that I did not spend in May.


What were some of your finds and savings for the month of May?


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