Selling your car can be a very stressful affair. I’m sure we’ve all had to deal with that at some point in our lives. I remember when we last decided to sell a car a few years ago, how much work, stress and worry that was for us! As we were not in the market to buy another car from a car dealership, a trade-in was not an option for us at the time. The only choice we really had was to sell our car privately.


We first had to spend quite some time researching the car’s value and, having finally decided on what was a fair amount of money to ask for it, we then had to write and submit ads online ourselves. Eventually we registered with, and placed ads on so many different websites that at some point it was difficult to keep track of all the different login usernames and passwords.


Then came the wait, and along with the wait so many questions. Where should we meet potential buyers? Should we invite them into our home or choose a neutral location? Should we accept payment via EFT or should we insist on being handed over cash on the day of the transaction? And how would we deal with the exchange of money and papers i.e. which should come first?


Then came the first few phone calls from potential buyers, and along with the phone calls even more questions. How would we decide whether or not we would want to meet a potential buyer in the first place? Would they be happy to pay the full asking price or would they be trying to negotiate with us? Should we offer to have our car inspected in full view of prospective buyers, and would we have to pay for this?


There was just so much to worry about, and all we wanted to do was sell our car as quickly and safely as possible. How I wish we’d had a bit of help back then! A bit of professional help, to be honest, to take away all the uncertainty, hassle and worry and allow us the opportunity to sell our car for cash in just a few easy steps. Nowadays, CarZar can do just that for you.


By providing just a few of your car’s details such as the year, model, make, mileage, etc. on CarZar’s website, you will receive an estimated cash offer for your car. The next step would be for you to book an appointment, in Joburg, Durban or Cape Town, to receive a free, independent third-party assessment of your car followed by a firm cash offer from CarZar.


If you choose to accept their cash offer, CarZar will make an instant payment to your account as well as take care of all the paperwork for you. How’s that for hassle-free? If you choose not to accept the offer, CarZar will still give you the option of advertising your car for 48-hours to their network of dealers nationwide, so that you can see if you can get even more buck for your car.


Disclaimer: This post was sponsored by CarZar but the experiences and opinions expressed here are my own.


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