Everyone loves a good bargain! This could be an item on special, a voucher or a discount code from a retailer or an otherwise awesome promotion or deal!


Granted, we don’t have as many vouchers and coupons available to us in SA as they do in some countries (notably the US), but the trend seems to be catching on slowly. I’m seeing more and more vouchers and promotions around, and there are certainly a few more websites cataloguing nationwide specials each week, than there were a two or three years ago, for example.


So to help you navigate your way around specials, deals and vouchers online, here is a small but hopefully useful, curated list of websites in SA that will help you shop around for the best deal as well as snag a few coupons or vouchers along the way.


Specials (all stores)


While I often prefer to find specials and deals in our area newspaper (as these include nationwide as well as area-specific specials), a good place to start looking for nationwide deals would be the following websites. They allow you to search by retailer, area or category of special that you’re looking for.




All Catalogues

Find Specials




If you’re looking for deals and specials on takeaway meals, then this should be your go to website. They have a selection of Daily Deals for you to choose from, as well as a host of fast food and takeaway menus for you to browse through, all in one place. These include deals and specials from KFC, McDonald’s, Jimmy’s, ANAT, Nando’s, Kauai, Chesa Nyama, WIMPY, Domino’s, Spur, Burger King, Hooters and John Dory’s, among others.


We don’t often do takeaways but when we do, it is a treat for us and I always try to find a deal so that we don’t pay full price, if possible, so this is definitely my one-stop website for takeaway deals.


Find Take Aways


Vouchers & Deals (services, recreation & shopping)


If you are looking for a voucher, discount or deal on a service, such as fun activities, getaways, beauty and spas, or restaurant meals, then you should definitely have a look at both these websites. While Hyperli is more comprehensive than both Picodi and Vouchercloud, it’s still worth while having a look at all three before you book. I’ve often used Vouchercloud in the past and managed to get a few good deals from time to time.






For some more ideas on how to find specials and take advantage of all store rewards in South Africa, check out my blog post Frugal Shopping: Coupons, Specials and Rewards.


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