To celebrate Spring Day this year, and the beginning of a new season, we decided to spend some time lounging about in our garden. Now that winter has finally come to an end, what could be nicer than that?


The sun was out, and it was such a bright and lovely day. We enjoyed the sunshine and we enjoyed all the tell-tale signs of spring around us. The winter this year has felt a bit too long, and being able to soak up a bit of sunshine this weekend felt absolutely rejuvenating.


We were so happy to see that our garden now attracts lots of bees at this time of year, as they collect pollen and nectar from their choice of plants. One of our lovely bushes, which only really flowers in spring, is a favourite of theirs, and so is our peach tree! The bees don’t really bother us at all as they go about their business but it’s just so lovely to see them buzzing about the garden.


Bees and flowers


We also noticed, for the first time, several bird nests in our garden, one of which was a turtle dove nest right in the middle of our lemon tree! She’s been there for a few days now and we hope her little offspring will hatch soon.


Bird in a nest


Both our peach tree and the fig tree already have small fruits on them. Our peach tree has lots more as it is older and more established, but our fig is growing and getting taller. Our lemon tree still has lots of lemons on it but because of the turtledove nest we haven’t really been harvesting any, for fear of disturbing momma bird.


Fig peach lemons


All in all we really enjoyed our first day of spring at home, in our garden. How did you enjoy your first day of spring this year?


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