I am a great fan of going to the supermarket with a shopping list in hand. Honestly, gone are the days when I would just walk into Checkers or Pick ‘n’ Pay and buy whatever I thought we needed at the time, without a thought about what is good for our budget.

I don’t go out the door without a shopping list nowadays, or without my reusable shopping bags! As I tend to do the bulk of my grocery shopping at the end of the month, I always keep a shopping list handy throughout the month so that I can track items that I would need to buy.

Before I head out to the shops though, I always check what we already have in the pantry and freezer as well as any fresh produce we may still have on the veggie rack. I want to make sure that I do not buy items we already have, as that would just lead to waste.  


I love my shopping lists! Although I have often used pen and paper, lately, the Überliste shopping list app, has been a lifesaver! In fact, Überliste was designed to make grocery shopping easier!

Überliste is a free web, Android and iOS app that lets you organize grocery lists collaboratively. In a nutshell, it allows you to compile your grocery shopping list online, share it with others, and cross things off as you buy them at the supermarket. It will save you time, prevent waste and put an end to the daily back and forth of organizing groceries between multiple people.

Überliste is easy to use, and it is a lightweight app. I love the fact that it has no ads and no in-app purchases at all! You can create multiple lists and share them via email, text, or message and two or more users can edit a list simultaneously. This allows people who live in the same household to edit the same shopping list, which is brilliant.  

You can search for grocery items from the app’s built-in database or add your own custom grocery items to your shopping list. You can even add items to a list from your purchase history.

All in all, the Überliste app is a very handy application to have on your phone! It can save you time creating grocery shopping lists each month, which makes your grocery shopping easier. Having a shopping list each month will reduce food wastage as it can help you buy only what you need, and thus stick to your budget or a specific diet plan.

If you would like to give Überliste a try, you can download the Android version of the Überliste app here and the iOS version here.

The Überliste app was designed by binaere bauten – an established German software company based in Berlin which has a long history of supporting local and international students.

Their Überliste project was established in 2016 to help working students develop their skills in software development. With the help and mentorship of experienced developers and designers of the company, this dream was realized in 2018 with the release of the first version of the Überliste app for iOS, followed by the Android version in 2019.

The Überliste app represents a huge milestone for binaere bauten’s working student program. Since 2009 the company has employed 21 students, 6 of whom are now full-time developers at binaere bauten. Its success is proof of the company’s commitment to support the next generation of developers and IT professionals.

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