One of my readers recently suggested I visit the Trig Distributors shop in Chloorkop, so I decided to give it a go. Needless to say, I was curious to see what’s on offer and what the prices are like. I love bargain shops! And I can tell you straight away, that I wasn’t disappointed!


So what’s available at the Trig Distributors shop in Chloorkop?


I had a good look around at all the isles. There were lots of cereals (Weetbix, ProNutro, Future Life, cornflakes, loops, muesli, etc.), rusks, pasta and noodles, fruit juices and fruit concentrates, condiments, staples, jams, a variety of biscuits and crackers, lots of sweets and chips, dried fruits, cereal bars, some household cleaning supplies and quite a variety of other items such as boxed salads, baking supplies (baking powder, shredded coconut, etc.).


The Trig Distributors shop is fairly large and they were very well stocked. The shop was also fairly busy and most people that were there had their trolleys packed. I suppose if you’re going all the way out to Chloorkop, and you don’t live in the area, it makes sense to stock up a bit. Trig Distributors is located at 10 Vaseur Road, in Chloorkop, Gauteng.


The items for sale at Trig Distributors are either about to expire, or have expired already. However, there are also items that still have several months to go before they reach their expiry date. You just have to check when you pick up the item that you want to buy. Most of the items I chose have not gone past their expiry date at all, yet they were reasonably priced, and certainly cheaper than in the shops, so I was chuffed about that.


So here’s what I bought:


3 x packets (of 5 each) ProNutro bars for R40.00. Each packet of 5 retails for about R38.00 in the shops.

Ceres tomato juice cans for R5.00 each.

Sushi nori packets for R22.00 each. These normally retail for R45.00 – R55.00 in the shops.

1.5 kg of Good Morning biscuits for R15.00. The only thing is that most biscuits are broken in half but I honestly don’t care about that. A biscuit is a biscuit! Besides, they break when you chew on them anyway!




Safari To Go Fruit Medley 50 gr. packets for just R2.80 each.

750 gr. Muesli for R22.00.

200 gr. plain crackers for R7.50. That’s half the price than what these normally cost in the shops.

500 gr. packet of noodles for R9.00.







So even though I didn’t buy that much (we’re all stocked up for the month ahead), I feel that I’ve found a few good bargains. I’ve had a leisurely look around and I have an idea of what’s on offer. All in all, it was a worthwhile visit! I’ll definitely be back again when I’m next in the area.


Have you been to the Trig Distributors shop? What are your thoughts?


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