Discounts, deals, vouchers, coupons, rewards…Slowly but surely these are becoming a trending topic in SA, and everyone seems to be on the lookout for a deal or two here and there, and I’m no exception. While I’m not in the market for anything expensive, or big, at the moment, I am always on the lookout for ways to save a bit more on our household expenses each month.

So here are some of the discounts and deals I’m keeping an eye on this month!

Debonairs Pizza Vouchers

I have the Debonairs app installed on my phone, and I check it periodically. I think I initially installed the app when they were offering a voucher for all orders placed via the app, which we made use of at the time.

Last month, Debonairs started a PSL voucher promotion #AMAZINGFAN via their app. It’s very simple to sign up. All you have to do is sign into the Debonairs app, select your favourite PSL team and watch your inbox: every time your team wins, you’ll get a discount voucher!

Unfortunately, the team I selected drew their last game so no voucher for me! However, they are playing again this month so we’ll see.

It’s also worth keeping an eye out on the Debonairs offers on their website. Not only do they have a variety of items on special if you order online, but there are also vouchers to be had if you order via their app. Check out the latest Debonairs deals here.

Debonairs app #AMAZINGFAN

Mr D Food R50 off your first app order

We’ve not used the Mr D Food delivery app yet so this is definitely a voucher that could come in handy! We don’t often do takeaways either but when we do, it is a treat for us and I always try to find a deal so that we don’t pay full price, if possible.

It’s not clear how long this promotion will be available to us first-timers, but l’ll definitely be keeping an eye on it and consider ordering from Mr D Food to make use of the R50 off.

Have you used the Mr D Food delivery app yet?

SPAR Zyliss Knife Promotion

This promotion is valid from 7 August to 28 October 2018, and you can redeem your collector’s cards until 11 November 2018. For every R100 you spend at Spar you will receive 1 sticker, for every R200 you spend at Spar you will receive 2 stickers, and so on (terms and conditions apply).

Each time you receive a sticker, simply affix your sticker to the collector’s card and when you have collected all 20 stickers, you’ll be eligible to buy a Zyliss knife or cutting sheet trio at a reduced price. All you have to do is take the completed collector’s card to the cashier and let them know which product you would like to buy.

As you can see I’ve collected only 3 stickers last month (not much shopping there…), and even though I don’t think I’ll be able to collect all 20 before the promotion is up (sticking to my budget each month!), I’ll keep collecting (just in case).

I was fortunate enough to have been gifted a blue Zyliss knife by my mom who had collected all 20 stickers (she likes to shop at Spar), and the knife is really very good for chopping vegetables, meat, and even slicing bread. As we’ve been in need of replacing one or two of our ceramic knives (they do get chipped from time to time), I can tell you that the Zyliss knife is a good substitute, even though it’s not ceramic but stainless steel.

Zyliss Knife Promotion at SPAR

My Pick ‘n’ Pay personalised vouchers

If you have a Pick ‘n’ Pay Smart Shopper card, you accumulate personalised vouchers each time you shop. I seem to have collected quite a few really useful ones on my last monthly shop at Pick ‘n’ Pay and as they are valid for a good few weeks, I’m hoping to be able to use them at the end of September.

These personalised vouchers really do come in handy. They are based on items that you often buy, so chances are the personalised vouchers are usable, especially if they’re for items that are not on special but you still need to buy them.

I usually check my vouchers at the Smart Shopper kiosk before I go in to do my shopping, and print the ones I need for my current shop as well as additional vouchers which I think I might still be able to use the following month.

If you’re looking for more vouchers, deals and rewards in South Africa, have a look at my blog posts Specials, Vouchers & Deals in SA and Frugal Shopping: Coupons, Specials & Rewards.

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