While I do enjoy shopping, I’m not too keen on spending too much money on clothes, if I can help it. Sure, I do, like everyone else, buy new clothes from time to time, but I tend to shop seasonal sales mostly and I also buy second-hand. If I can, I will also look for other second-hand items that we need before I buy brand new (you can read about that in my post Shop at Charity Stores in Johannesburg).

Clothes do get worn, and stained, and torn, and need to be replaced, regardless of whether they had been bought new or second-hand. At the end of the day, this is a recurring expense so you might as well keep it as low as possible. And sometimes, buying second-hand means that you end up with a real bargain – an almost brand new, hardly worn, branded item of clothing that costs a fraction of the price.

Not only does buying second-hand clothes save you money, but it also recycles, so to speak, clothes that have already been manufactured. Sadly, we live in a world where so much clothing does indeed end up in landfills. Buying and wearing second-hand clothes should help, at least a little bit, in alleviating that trend.  

While I’m sure there are plenty of other, even informal, sales of second-hand clothing out there, today I am sharing with you a few links to shops and online groups which I have used to purchase second-hand clothes.

SAINTs Animal Charity Shop

SAINTs stocks mostly clothes for adults, but also some for older children and even clothes for babies. All their items are always reasonably priced and their stock is constantly changing. There are plenty of plus-sized items for adults as well. You can also purchase via their Facebook pages:

SAINTs Animal Charity

SAINTs Gifting

SAINTs Seconds

SAINTs Men Only

SAINTs Juniorz

MJ Clothing Individual Sales

There are plenty of items in stock, and their stock also changes frequently. It’s worth having a look. I have found some really nice items there for only R25 a piece. Check out their page for contact details and to arrange your shopping date!


They are based on Craighall, Johannesburg and they sell like new designer clothing, shoes and handbags – for that professional look on a budget!

National Clothing Distributors

They sell imported (from Italy), second-hand coats and jackets. There is a huge variety to choose from – not hundreds of items, but probably thousands of coats and jackets.  

Declutter Fairy

They stock second-hand household items as well as clothes, but they are reasonably priced overall. You never know what you’re going to find so have a look around to see what’s available. 

Second Chance

This shop is packed full of clothes for both adults and kids, but sadly, not many plus-sized adult items. They are situated in Randburg. They also buy second-hand items from the public, if that’s what you’re looking for. 

Pre-Loved Kids Clothes Maboneng JHB

A second-hand shop for kids clothes only. They are situated in the Maboneng district, in Joburg. They stock lots and lots of good quality items. 

Here are a few Facebook groups with loads and loads of posts daily with private, second-hand clothing sales. Some of these can be a bit more pricey for second-hand items though, but still cheaper than buying new.

Pre-Loved Joburg

Second-hand Baby Essentials

Mamahood Thrift Store

Pre-Loved KIDS Clothes VIP Members

Unfold Preloved


Facebook Marketplace is great to search for second-hand clothing for sale in or around your area. This should certainly save you a bit on petrol costs if you decide to buy privately. I’ve seen lots of posts, and some quite reasonably priced too. If you are looking to sell some of your clothes, then this could be a good place to start.

And if you are looking to donate some of your clothes, consider a charity shop or an NGO. There are lots of people needing clothes and plenty of welfare organisations that run second-hand charity shops to raise money (a list of charity shops across South Africa can be found here). It’s always worth popping in at your nearest charity shop to see what’s available.

I’d also love to hear of any other shops or groups with second-hand clothes so if you know of any, please share with me in the comments below.

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