What kind of pan do you cook paella in?

Paella experts like the thin carbon steel pans that heat fast and don’t retain too much heat. You can substitute a stainless steel or aluminum skillet, but cast-iron and nonstick pans are discouraged.

What is the best size pan for paella?

For most, a 15-inch or 16-inch paella pan is best as it serves up to six people. An 18-inch pan serves about six to eight. For a party of 12, try a 22-inch pan (or even larger), though this size is better for outdoor cooking.

Can you do paella in a frying pan?

If you are preparing paella for two to four people, you can cook it on the stovetop, using a large, heavy-bottom frying pan at least 2.5 to 3-inches deep. If you have a 12-inch paella pan, you can definitely use it on a large gas burner.

What is the difference between a paella pan and a skillet?

A skillet is a relatively flat pan. … A paella pan is shaped much like a skillet with only short helper handles on both sides. There is no long handle to allow for easy one-handed operation. Paella pans sometimes have even shorter sidewalls and are used to cook paella, though you could cook other things in them as well.

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Do you need a lid for a paella pan?

Does the paella pan need a lid? No, it doesn’t need a lid since paella is traditionally cooked uncovered (until the final resting period off the heat). However, some people do request them. We carry aluminum lids up to 22 inches.

Do you put onion in paella?

The traditional paella does not include onion,” he says. “Recipes that do are not strictly paella, but described as rice dishes or arroces.”

Can you use normal rice for paella?

The key to the perfect paella is the rice. It is important that you use short grain rice. Medium grain is acceptable, but long grain rice is simply out of the question.

How much liquid do I add to paella rice?

The liquid to rice ratio for paella is usually 1 cup of rice to 3 cups of liquid which is on the softer side than ideal.

Can you use a wok instead of a paella pan?

This is what makes a wok a bad substitute for a paella pan. … So, you can use a large frying pan to create paella if you don’t have a paella pan, but not a wok. Still, it would have to be quite a large frying pan, as for the best paella possible, you want a thin layer (about 50cm) of rice.

Why do paella pans have divots?

It is the traditional steel paella pan used by Spaniards for centuries. The pan bottom is dimpled in order to spread heat evenly.

How many people does a 50cm paella pan feed?

Paella Pan Serving Guide

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Pan Size Tapas Servings Main Course Servings
50cm 14 9-10
55cm 16 11-12
60cm 19 15-16
65cm 22 17-19
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