What should I make for dinner after Thanksgiving?

What do people eat after Thanksgiving dinner?

Eat fruits & veggies.

Just because there are plenty of rolls, potatoes and gravy left over, you should still work in some fiber-filled veggies and fruit. Remember, these foods add nutrients and volume to our meals with fewer calories to help with satiety.

Where can I take leftover Thanksgiving dinner?

Here are some suggestions:

  • Try donating Thanksgiving leftovers to your local food pantry. …
  • Call your local food bank to see what their policies are about donating food and whether they accept leftovers or only canned items. …
  • Homeless shelters, housing shelters, and non-profit charities accept food donations.

Can I donate homemade food?

Many non-perishable and unspoiled perishable foods can be donated to local food banks, soup kitchens, pantries, and shelters if the transaction is managed properly.

How do you throw a Thanksgiving party?

How to Host a Thanksgiving Dinner?

  1. Create a guest list for your Thanksgiving dinner. …
  2. Choose a venue for your Thanksgiving celebrations. …
  3. Select a theme for your Thanksgiving party. …
  4. Create your Thanksgiving menu. …
  5. Prepare a shopping list to save yourself time. …
  6. Get your shopping done early so you avoid the holiday crowds.

How do I donate Thanksgiving dinner?

Here are some of the ways you can give back during Thanksgiving at your local food bank or food pantry:

  1. Sort and pack food donated for Thanksgiving meals.
  2. Assist families during their visit to the food bank or food pantry.
  3. Deliver meals to the elderly or people with disabilities or health conditions.
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How long do you eat Thanksgiving leftovers?

Don’t eat old Thanksgiving leftovers

Once the leftovers are put away in the refrigerator, you have only a few days to eat them before they become a safety risk. If stored in a refrigerator, leftovers can stay good for three to four days. If they’re stored in a freezer, it’s three to four months.

Can I freeze Thanksgiving leftovers?

The USDA says, “Leftovers can be kept in the refrigerator for 3 to 4 days or frozen for 3 to 4 months.” That doesn’t mean they’ll taste the same after that long, though. “I wouldn’t freeze anything longer than four to six weeks,” said Stevenson.

Does stuffing dry out Turkey?

Cooking Stuffing in a Turkey

White meat dries out faster than dark meat, so taking it off ensures that you can cook your stuffing safely without drying out the meat. When your turkey is 2/3 of the way done cooking, create an aluminum foil tent over it.

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