Living life more frugally, more simply, more wisely, more economically is what Frugal in SA is all about. Why frugal, you might ask? Well, there has come a time in my life when I realised that spending more wisely, being less wasteful and more resourceful with what I have can help me embrace and lead a more fulfilling life.


I love all ideas thrifty and frugal and I’m always looking for ways to save so you will see lots of posts about grocery savings and other ways in which I manage to save on our household expenses each month. I love to bake and cook whenever I have the time and here you will find a collection of some of my favourite thrifty recipes.


My faith encourages me to lead a life that’s free of debt and here I will share my experience of budgeting and the details of our journey to becoming debt-free. I love gardening, reading, and all things crafty so you might see a post or two about that as well. This blog is also home to Frugal Tip of the Day, where I share with you all those little things I do everyday in my quest to be less wasteful and ever more resourceful.


I hope you will find inspiration in these pages and I’d love for you to share some of your ideas on living life more frugally, more simply, more wisely, more economically. If you’d like to get in touch, please feel free to contact me or like my Facebook page Frugal in SA or follow me on Twitter.


Happy Frugal Living!