This weekend we had to go shopping for some fresh fruits & veggies. So off we went to our favourite greengrocer’s in the Alberton area: Apple Tree fresh Food Market Alberton. We went mid-morning so it wasn’t too cold for us to traipse about and being the middle of the month, the area wasn’t as busy as it usually is at the end of the month. Strolling through the shop was a breeze!


The shop had some really nice specials on, including vegetable combos. The prices I thought were much cheaper than the prices of most veggies at supermarkets these days. I’ve actually stopped buying our fruits and veggies at supermarkets long ago and I do most of our fresh produce shopping at the Apple Tree fresh Food Market Alberton. This week we didn’t really need any of the staples such as onions or potatoes, as I normally buy those at the end of the month, but I was on the hunt for some nice, fresh veggies and fruits at a good price. This is what I found:


1kg Bananas – R7.99

2 kg Sweet Potato – R9.99

3 Lettuce – R15.00

2 kg Patty Pans – R20.00

2 kg Grapefruit – R20.00

5 kg Brinjals – R29.99

7 kg Gem Squash – R29.00


As you can see by the amount of veggies and fruits that I bought, and the prices, I thought this was all quite a bargain.


The fruits will last us about 2 weeks, and the lettuce for at least a week. The sweet potatoes were peeled and cut into chips strips straight away. We made sweet potato chips for our supper and we froze the rest to use another time. Whenever we make chips at home, I use our air fryer, and the chips fry with only a tablespoon or two of oil, and that’s it. Not only is this very healthy but it’s also good for our budget – no more wasting or reusing large amounts of oil for frying anything, not only chips, but the taste is almost the same, if not better.


I washed and quartered the patty pans and again, we only used some and stashed the rest away in the deep freeze. I roasted the patty pans with some garlic and parsley and a dash of olive oil. While there are many ways to roast patty pans and so many variations of spices you could use, the less you add the better it tastes; that is, if you love the taste of patty pans! The gem squash will last a while in the pantry and will be used as needed. As for the brinjals, I am looking forward to making some Baba Ganoush, which we so enjoy (you can find the recipe here).


If you are shopping in the Alberton area I would definitely recommend stopping by the Apple Tree fresh Food Market Alberton. You can follow Apple Tree fresh Food Market Alberton on Facebook for their weekly specials or check out the Alberton record weekly inserts. We’ve subscribed to Apple Tree’s SMS notification service so we receive an SMS with their specials each week, and this works for us. It’s good to know what’s available on reduced each week and I can then decide whether to make the trip to the shop or not.


Keep in mind that they usually only advertise their biggest specials and there are always plenty more fruits and veggies on special offer in the store. Whenever I go to the shop it’s always worth our while! Most of the fruits and veggies that we’ve been buying for more than a year now have always been on special and this has been a huge money saver for us.


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