Last week I had quite an embarrassing moment at work! Just as I’d arrived, and sat down in my chair, a little something on my leggings caught the corner of my eye: it was a hole in my garment, about the size of a green pea, and very, very visible! I had no idea how or when it appeared there: did I catch on something as I was getting out of the car, or as I was sitting down at my desk? Or did I simply not notice that there was a hole there to begin with? Perhaps it got caught on something as it was spinning in the machine or while I was ironing it, and I just didn’t notice? I honestly had no idea. I was just very conscious of the hole being there!


Needless to say, I didn’t have a travel sewing kit on me. In the next ten minutes or so I went round asking each and every one of my colleagues if they had a mini sewing kit on them which I could use to patch up the hole but no, not one single person had a sewing kit or even just the one needle and some thread which I could use to patch up the hole in my garment before facing the rest of my day. I did get quite a few ingenious, though funny, suggestions on how to disguise the hole in the garment e.g. just colour it in with a board marker, but I just couldn’t bring myself to do that!


As I went about my day, very, very conscious of what I was wearing, I realised that I really should have a travel sewing kit on me, precisely for such emergencies. At first I thought perhaps I should just make one as I certainly have enough needles and thread at home. I was thinking along the lines of either using an old sweetie tin and filling it up, or even sewing a travel sewing kit to carry with me. As I was searching online for some ideas, I noticed a Traveller’s Sewing Kit advertised at the Crazy Store. I clicked on it, as the R9.99 price intrigued me. The contents of the kit looked just fine, and sufficient to the task.


So on my way home that day, I stopped at a Crazy Store and picked up a Traveller’s Sewing Kit for just R9.99! I was certainly pleased about the price and couldn’t wait to get home to unbox the mini sewing kit. The little box is functional and strong enough. The contents of the sewing kit is more than adequate with several colour threads, 3 needles, a couple of pins, sewing studs and small, white buttons, a needle threader as well as a tiny pair of scissors (they seem a bit bigger in the photo)! If I had gone the route of putting the sewing kit together myself, I probably wouldn’t have managed it for less than R9.99 so all in all, I was quite chuffed with this most affordable little find.


Traveller's Sewing Kit


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