Welcome to the Pantry and Freezer Challenge Week 3 update! Last week was an easy week in our kitchen. In fact, it was a bit of a lazy week as I made only one large batch of one of our favourite meals and a few smaller meal portions as I continued to use up the items in our pantry and freezer.


Once again for breakfast during the week, we had Melba toast with homemade Marmalade. The Melba toast is now finished and the last jar of marmalade is almost finished too. So we moved on to the one packet of Millie meal porridge in our pantry for the next couple of days. Over the weekend I once again whipped up one of our favourite and very quick, cheap and filling breakfast meals – baked beans with fried eggs on toast (you can find my recipe for Baked Beans & Eggs here) and I used up the last 2 tins of baked beans in our pantry for this.


The one large batch of food I made was beef stew. I made 2 quite large pots of Beef stew in one go and for this recipe I used up the 2 kg stewing beef we had in the freezer, which yielded about 10 meal portions extra for freezing and will last us a while. I also used the 2 packets of Spicy Beef Goulash seasoning as well as 1 tin whole tomatoes, 2 tins tomato & onion mix and 1 tin my homemade Tomato Sauce in this recipe. You can find the Beef Stew recipe here.


As the beef stew is such a versatile recipe and can be enjoyed with a variety of staples and vegetables that one can almost never tire of all the possible combinations, I decided to use ½ packet of polenta to make Millie meal bread for us to enjoy as our staple with a portion of beef stew during the week. You can have a look at this super easy Millie Meal & Polenta Bread recipe here. Preparation time for the Millie bread is minimal, all the ingredients are mixed together at once and it bakes in about 45 minutes, ready to be enjoyed straight from the oven!


We also had another go at making the 2nd packet of Prawn Crackers which we nibbled on here and there. I also managed to use up the hake fillets we had in the freezer as well as the fish batter which was enough for 2 meals during the week with potato salad and some greens. The fish batter powder has been in the cupboard for quite a while now so I’m glad we’ve finally managed to use it up!


Hake Greeen Beans Potato SaladHake Greeen Beans Potato Salad Pantry and Freezer Challenge week 3


And finally for dessert I used up ½ packet of semolina and made Semolina cake which we enjoyed during the week. This recipe, again, is a really quick recipe of about 5 minutes preparation time! While I enjoy cooking and baking, having a variety of tried and tested recipes with minimal prep time is an absolute life-saver for me on a very busy day during the week. You can have a look at the Semolina Cake recipe here.


What did you prepare for lunch, dinner and dessert last week? I always love to hear from my readers.


Stay tuned for Lessons Learned from the Pantry and Freezer Challenge!


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