I’ve been meaning to do a bit of clothes shopping at a couple of charity stores for several weeks now but every weekend seems to have been taken up by this, that or the next round of chores. Finally this weekend, we got round to it. It was such a lovely day to be out and about yesterday, and not too cold for the month of May either. All in all I thoroughly enjoyed my shop! I had a small budget in mind for a few specific items of clothing, and I kept to it. I also allocated R50.00 for a bit of ‘fun money’ this month and I spent that too. I took cash with me, of course, so it was fairly easy to stick to my budget.


We went to 2 different charity stores and we were there for about 3 hours altogether, browsing through all the items. Yes, there’s quite a lot to wade through and you never know what you’re going to find hiding in some corner somewhere! I often find very gently used items of clothing from higher end stores, but pay only a fraction of the price that those would cost brand new. And I don’t mind the fact that the items are used. It’s easy on my budget and I’m also very happy to know that the money I spend there will go to a good cause.


We first visited the SAINTs Animal Charity Shop in Northriding. They support a number of animal welfare organisations and this is definitely one of my favourite charity shops. They had a book sale drive today as well, with a huge, huge selection of books – fiction, non-fiction, children’s books, cookbooks, etc. You can also buy books from their shop through their Facebook page SAINTs Buy the Book.


The other store we went to is Junkie Charity Store in 7th Street, Mellville. This was our first time visiting. The shop supports several hospices, homes and animal welfare organisations. They have a huge selection of clothing, shoes, knitted blankets, kitchenware, books and various other knick-knacks.


I spent altogether just over R200.00 at the 2 stores and I came home with several items of clothing, 7 items to be exact, a few books and a new (gently used) food bowl for one of our smallest dogs (this wasn’t a planned purchase but it was just too cute to resist!).


Dog bowl


I was very pleased with all the clothes I’d found – all are items from higher end stores, all cotton and still fairly new, which means I’ll get lots of wear out of all of those. To give you an example, I found a pair of Woolies jeans for only R30.00 and a pair of tracksuit bottoms from Milady’s for only R36.00.


One of the books I found cost only R5.00 and it’s an older Maeve Binchy novel which I haven’t read, a hardcover and in very good condition. What a bargain! One of the other books I picked up has been on my wish-list for a long time. It costs between R221.00 and R338.00 on Takealot.com brand new and I picked it up second hand, in excellent condition and also in hardcover, for only R20.00. I was absolutely chuffed.


If you are looking for gently used items of clothing, or even some knick-knacks for your home that you’d prefer not to get brand new, consider visiting these charity shops and supporting them. I’m pretty sure you’ll find a couple of nice items to take home from both of these stores.


You might also want to have a look at this list of charity stores throughout South Africa – there might just be a store close to you.


Happy frugal shopping!


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