To celebrate and welcome the first day of Spring this year, we decided to visit the Orchid Show on Saturday, 3rd September at the Garden Shop Flora Farm in Boksburg.


The entrance to this amazing event was free (I like frugal & free!), and so was the one hour talk given on the basic care of orchids, which was very useful and drew an audience of close to a hundred people. All in all, the event was an absolutely stunning display of over 50 varieties of blooming orchids as well as several Ikebana flower arrangement displays.


Orchid Show 1


Orchid Phalaenopsis 1


In true spring style, the day was gorgeous and hubby and I probably spent a good 3 hours there, although I’m pretty sure I could have stayed even longer! I was in absolute awe at the lovely orchids on display. There were so many stunning blooms wherever you looked!

I came back home with several hundred photographs and a Lady Slipper orchid (one of my lovely birthday presents this year!). I love orchids. I got my first Moth orchid (Phalaenopsis) a few years ago and it was love at first sight although a slow learning curve thereafter of how to care for it properly even though it’s the least demanding orchid to take care of!



Orchid Show 2


Orchid Phalaenopsis 2


Each year now, I get one or two new orchids as a present (my hubby knows how much I love my orchids!). And each year it’s been an absolute pleasure watching my orchids grow their beautiful stems over a period of a few months leading up to spring so that they are ready to start opening their flowers in August/September.


Although I’m not an orchid expert by any means, I manage to take care of my orchids. They are all in flower at the moment, so if you are a fellow orchid admirer, check back soon for some lovely photos!


Orchid Show 3


Orchid Phalaenopsis 3


For more exciting flower events at the Garden Shop Flora Farm in Boksburg, like their Facebook page to stay in touch.




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