With drought and waters restrictions in place in many parts of South Africa, water is becoming a precious resource. Experts predict that the Western Cape drought in particular, will continue to have a big impact on residents for years to come.

Many of us are now coming up with creative ways of conserving water in our homes and reusing as much greywater in our gardens as we can. In my blog post Frugal with Water in Your Home & Garden, I share with you some tips on how we save water in our home.

One of the biggest consumers of municipal water are our washing machines at home. Did you know that the average washing machine uses 50 litres of water per load? That’s a lot of precious water going towards a load of washing! While Capetonians are allowed only 87 litres of water per person per day, washing one’s clothing at home is almost impossible.

Cape Town residents can now experience the convenience of sending their laundry to be cleaned without the guilt of wasting natural resources. Green Planet Laundry’s innovative process, which uses purified borehole water instead of drinking water to clean your laundry, is a major step in the right direction.

But, whenever consumers hear the words “green,” “eco-conscious” or “eco-friendly,” they think expensive. The great news is that Green Planet Laundry offers competitive pricing, and in many cases, they’re cheaper than your local laundromat!

For washing and folding, the average laundromat in Cape Town charges between R25 and R40 per kilogram of laundry, and between R34 and R45 to have the washed laundry ironed as well. Green Planet Laundry comes in under with the average with this impressive price list:

Wash & Fold (5kg minimum) R28 per kg
Wash, Iron & Fold (5kg minimum) R40 per kg
Blankets & Duvet Inners From R89 per item
Curtains (including ironing) R75 per kg
Shoes (fabric) R60 per pair
Stain treatment R15 per item

See Green Planet Laundry’s full price list here.

Municipal (drinking) water is expensive, and the average laundromat uses thousands of litres of it every day but unlike other commercial laundries, the Cape Town based Green Planet Laundry does not tap into the city’s precious municipal water supply. Instead, they make use of purified borehole water. That means that absolutely no tap water is used! Additionally, 50% of the greywater used in their laundry machines is recycled therefore further reducing required ground water. You can read more about Green Planet Laundry’s revolutionary system here.

Green Planet Laundry will open its doors in Cape Town on 16 October 2017.

One lucky reader can win a voucher for 1 Wash & Fold at Green Planet Laundry.

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