June has definitely been a good month for grocery savings! There were quite a few grocery items on special, and some of those items I hadn’t seen at such cheap prices in a long time. Although I don’t really like to stock up on a lot of grocery items these days (as this can blow right through my budget for the month!) I did stock up on several items which I thought were really good value as I’m sure they’re not going to be as cheap again in the next few months. I did most of our grocery and toiletries shopping this month at Pick ‘n’ Pay, Apple Tree Fresh Food Market, Meat World, Checkers and Dis-chem.


Pick ‘n’ Pay had a lot to offer for their birthday specials this month. Just before the 25th they had Husky Purina tin dog food for R17.99 (the current going price is R23.99 or R22.99, depending on where you shop) so I stocked up on 2 months’ worth for our pooches as I haven’t seen this particular brand of food at that price in months. Pick ‘n’ Pay had 3kg OMO washing powder at R54.99, 2kg Skip washing powder at R38.99, 2-Ply Baby Soft toilet paper 18s for R79.99 and Glade automatic air freshener refills R69.99 for 2, all of which I thought was good value. Some of the groceries items on special at Pick ‘n’ Pay which I bought included cooking oil, olive oil, sugar (R27.99), eggs (R35.00 for a crate of large eggs), whole chicken, 2 litre Clover juices, Dewfresh sour cream and Kellogg’s cornflakes, to mention just a few.


While I didn’t buy that much at Checkers this month, I found these 2 really good specials: 900gr. Lancewood Gouda Cheese for R79.00 (regular price is just over R100.00) as well as imported Lavazza ground coffee for R50.00 (regular price is R84.99). As these are items that we go through regularly each month, I stocked us up. Checkers also seemed to have the cheapest yoghurt tubs available which literally seemed to fly off their fridge shelves!


Apple Tree Fresh Food Market had some amazing specials this month. On 2 different days, I bought the following on special:


  • 1kg of Bananas for R7.99
  • 1 pocket of Grapefruit for R9.99
  • 5kg Carrots for R10.00
  • 1 whole Pumpkin for R10.00
  • 2 head of Cabbage for R10.00
  • 1 box of Avocadoes for R15.99
  • 3 bunch of Spinach for R20.00
  • 7kg of Tomatoes for R29.99


I used most of the tomatoes to prepare a simple yet delicious chunky tomato sauce which we will be using as a pasta sauce and pizza topping over the next couple of months. This is a huge saving for us as we will probably get 15-20 meals out of this. This homemade tomato sauce can be frozen so it will keep a while (you can find the recipe here).


This month I cashed in yet another R100 e-voucher from Toluna which I used at Takealot. I am still using Toluna to complete online surveys and earn points so the vouchers keep coming quite regularly. Once again this month I was quite happy to see that Takealot had the large bag of dog chunks that I usually buy for our doggies R40 cheaper than in any of the shops, so I placed an order for two of those. Takealot also had Rogz dog collars and leashes on special/reduced this month so I was able to get 2 collars for 2 of our doggies that need theirs replaced for less than R100.00 which I thought was good value. As the total order came to over R250.00, delivery was free.


With all these savings, that’s a total of about R553 that I did not spend in June. On dog food alone I saved R260 and a further R150 on coffee which were the big ticket items for me this month.


What were some of your finds and savings for the month of June?


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