This recipe is part of Take the Pantry and Freezer Challenge series on this blog, and I made this in Week 1 of the challenge.


This is a recipe that I make quite often as my husband really likes these Twisters and really who can resist the warm, fluffy pastry straight out of the oven? I normally make the Twisters with bacon but also occasionally with ham and cheese, although those are a bit more difficult to “twist” than the ones with bacon, which is more of a pliable ingredient. Personally, I like both options and this week I used up both puff pastry rolls that I had in the freezer, and made one with bacon and the other one with ham and cheese.


Although this is really more of a lunchbox snack, we’ve had them for breakfast as well as a light supper or lunch. The Puff Pastry Twisters would also do well as an appetizer. Ever since one of my friends, Hristina, shared this recipe with me it really has been an absolute favourite in our household. A puff pastry roll sells for about R 9.00 and with just a few slices of bacon, which would cost approximately another R10.00 if you buy bacon on special, then this is really a very inexpensive snack or light meal to make.




1 Puff Pastry Roll, thawed

A few slices of bacon or

A few slices of ham and Gouda cheese

Salt to taste




Thaw the puff pastry roll you would like to use and roll it out very gently with a rolling pin. Cut 2-3 cm thick strips across the pastry.


Puff Pastry


Layer a 2-3 cm strip of bacon or a strip of ham and a thin strip of Gouda cheese on top.


Puff pastry with bacon


Puff pastry with ham and cheese


Gently pick up each strip and twist it with both hands in opposite direction and place on baking tray lined with baking paper. If you don’t have any baking paper you can just oil the tray with some Spray ‘n’ Cook. Leave about a centimetre or two between each Twister as the puff pastry will rise a bit while baking. Sprinkle salt on top (ground salt tastes the best) and bake in a pre-heated oven at 180 C° for about 20 minutes.


Puff pastry twisters ready to bake


The Twisters should be golden when done. Serve immediately and enjoy!


Puff Pastry Twisters can keep in the fridge and can then be reheated in the microwave for about 15 seconds.


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